Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thankful Thirsty

We're doing a playon of the words Thankful Thursday because July is National Pet Hydration Month which is sponsored by PetSafe.  We thought we'd share a few photos of us enjoying our various water fountains we've had and currently enjoy.  We're very thankful Mom Paula tryies to find the fountain that works best for both of us.  Stay tuned during the next few days because we're excited to host our very first give-away for a special water fountain.

This is the Naturespa UV Fountain we purchased in Fall 2014.  Truffle loves it because of the water stream, but Brulee prefers to drink water from the bowl (because of her flat face).  This fountain meets both needs.  It's located in our big bedroom and Mom Paula had to get used to it because there is a blue glow from the fountain when she turns off the lights.

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  1. I saw that fountain at the BlogPaws Cat Style Lounge... and actually used it!

  2. That looks like a nice fountain. (And we bet we know which one you'll be giving away! Cool!)

  3. You are lucky you have multiple fountains!

  4. That fountain is very nice! We can't wait to see which one you give awa.

  5. I just mentioned to my boyfriend today that we should buy the cats a water fountain. With this heat, we have to fill their drinking bowls several times per day.

    1. We're still needing to refill the fountain more frequently with the high temps we've had lately.

  6. The sound of water must help her fall alseep- or have to get up to go to the bathroom constantly ( that would be me).

  7. We have never had a water fountain, so we're eagerly awaiting your giveaway!

  8. We had a water fountain but it died a few years ago. With 3 cats and 2 woofies, it was hard to keep it clean. Maybe it will be time to try again!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Our Mom is afraid to buy a fountain for fear we will ignore it!
    Glad you like yours, though.


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