Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Unplanned Trip to the Vet for Truffle

We interrupt our normal playful Wordless Wednesday post today to let you know that Truffle had to make an unplanned trip to the vet yesterday.  Mom Paula had noticed that one of Truffle's eyes had been "running" lately.  If it had been Brulee, that would be normal because of her brachycephalic face that tends to cause a lot of eye drainage.  Truffle is a "doll-faced" Persian and she has very little eye drainage.  Most of the time Truffle just has "eye boogers" that Mom Paula removes each day. However, this time, the drainage was noticeable and there was a spot below the right eye that was bald.
Truffle is turned slightly in this photo, but if you look at her right eye, you'll see the terrible drainage and discoloration.  The left eye just has an "eye booger" which is easily removed.

Mom Paula called Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital to get an appointment for Truffle and they told her they were booked solid.  Mom Paula became very concerned and explained that this wasn't normal and that she would be out of town next week and needed to get this checked.  The nice receptionist told Mom Paula she could bring Truffle in and they would work her in.  Before Truffle knew what was happening, Mom Paula grabbed her up from playing with her track and put her in the Sleepypod.  Truffle made all of her kitty furriends proud by singing the song of her people on the way to the vet.

The windy sound you hear is the AC vent.  Mom Paula wanted to make sure Truffle was cool enough because it was 100+ degrees outside today.

There was a little wait this time, but Truffle handled it okay.  Most of the dogs were on the other side of the waiting room, but they weren't barking.  Truffle did talk to me a little bit when we sat down at first, but the did relax after a few minutes.
Truffle is still singing in the waiting room at Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital

We were taken back to the examination room where Truffle was weighed (7.56 lb) and her temperature was taken (103.6 degrees) and it was up a little bit.  We had to sit in the examination room for several minutes because the office was so busy.  It was also louder than usual because it wasn't the normal time they schedule cat appointments.  When Dr. Macaulay walked in the room, she saw Truffle and left for a minute.  She came back and had a blanket with her (she sprayed Feliway on it) and put it on the table, saying "we don't want her to get cold on the metal table).  This was the first time we'd seen Dr. Macaulay and she made a great first impression on Mom Paula with attention to this little detail.  The vet assistant, Megan, came in and said that she just loved Truffle and immediately started hugging her.
Megan (vet assistant) and Truffle

Mom Paula didn't get a photo of Dr. Macaulay and Truffle because she was too busy watching what she was doing.  She said Truffle's heart and lungs sounded fine.  She checked both eyes to make sure they were reacting appropriately and they were fine.  Dr. Macaulay then put some type of green liquid in Truffle's eyes to check the drainage to see if a tear duct was blocked.  She turned out the light and put a black light on Truffle's face to check for drainage.  This was very interesting to watch, but we couldn't get a good photo because it was dark.  Dr. Macaulay said the tear ducts were functioning properly and she thought Truffle may have a little viral infection which caused the drainage and the bald spot came from the irritation.  The vet gave Mom Paula some Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment to put both in the right eye and on the bald spot.  She said Truffle should start improving within 3 days, but if she wasn't better to bring her back.
Truffle giving Mom Paula the evil eye (sorry about the glowing eyes) with the good and bad eye

Truffle is home and doing okay.  Unfortunately, Brulee doesn't like the smells of the vet office and she's been hissing at Truffle and staying away from her.  We hope things will settle down quickly and Truffle is back to her little bossy self again soon.

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  1. Paws crossed that Truffle heals up quickly, and that things settle down between her and Brulee even quicker!

  2. Hope Truffle's eye clears up soon!

  3. We hope Truffle's eye will get better quickly and Brulee forgets about the vet smell.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Sorry to hear about the emergency Truffle.
    Hope your eye feels better soon.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Paws crossed for Truffle to feel better soon. Hopefully Brulee will realize that Truffle didn't bring the vet home with her and things will smooth out between them soon.

  6. Poor Truffle! So sorry she got some kind of viral infection. Milita has had Terramycin before for eye herpes, and it has always worked really well, so hopefully it will do well for Truffle, too.

    Have you considered taking your babies to the vet together even if they don't both need to go? That way they smell the same and they might not react to each other when you get home. I've been fortunate in that Carmine and Milita don't seem bothered whenever one comes back from a visit with Dr. Stabby.

    Feel better soon, Truffle!

    1. They didn't used to react to each other going to the vet, but it's happened twice within the last 6 months, so Mom Paula is seriously considering taking them in together.

  7. Poor Truffle. We don't like vet visits either...'specially the unexpected ones. We hope the medicine helps her and her eye is better soon. And that Brulee stops hissing at her...though we know all about that!

  8. Oh poor Truffle. I sure hope her eye heals up quickly. And MOL for Truffle and her singing! I swear it sounds like "Me Out...(let) Me Out".

  9. We are glad that Truffle will be okay. But it was probably terribly distressing to have to be around all those dogs!

  10. Poor Truffle! Sending my purrs!

  11. Glad to hear truffle is beloved at vets and they feel her eye will improve fast. Go trufle! We love that part of the commentary about your "singing the song of your people." lol. We can relate!

  12. Forgot to mention we love ur red sleepy pod!

  13. Poor girl! We hope she feels better fast!
    If they keep reacting to each other, you might want to try rubbing a cloth or wash cloth on one, then the other then back again, to make them smell the same. Supposed to help, but we've never actually had to try it.

  14. We sure hope the all better finds you soon dear girl.

  15. We be so glad dat Truffle be okay and it's sumfin' small dat can be easily tweated. She's lookin' bootyful. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  16. Oh we sure hope Truffle will respond to that ointment and her beautiful eye will be fine in no time! Sending hugs..........

    Love, Sammy

  17. I hope Truffle's eye is soon better, and that Brulee stops hissing at her.

  18. Poor Truffle, I hope you feel better soon. That vet sounds very nice and caring.

  19. Wht an adventure. Man I wa thrilled to her the little video! Totally thrilled :-)

  20. We're sorry to hear Truffle had an emergency trip to the vet. Thankfully, her vitals are good. Good to know there's medication to help with the eye problem.

  21. Poor Truffle!
    Hope your eye is better soon...

    Noodle and crew

  22. Truffle, sweetheart, we feel so badly for you. Hope that the medicine starts working very quickly and your eye starts feeling better. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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