Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Going Wild with #InstinctRaw

Mom Paula was a little "old fashioned" about our cat food when we first came to live with her. Originally, she only fed us kibble because that's what she thought cats were supposed to eat.  We slowly transitioned to eating canned food from once a week to everyday and eventually moved to healthy, no-grain, high-protein canned food.  As part of the BlogPaws community and Cat Blogosphere, we began hearing about feeding raw food to cats.  Mom Paula always thought feeding raw food to us was dangerous, so she was very surprised to hear that human parents were recommending feeding raw to their pets.  She knew she didn't have the time to grind everything herself, so thought feeding us raw wasn't possible until she heard about Nature's Variety® Instinct® Raw bites.
Instinct® Raw bites can be found in the freezer at your local PetSmart®

PetSmart® is now carrying Instinct® Raw Bites in the freezer at their stores.  We called ahead to see if our local PetSmart was carrying the cat Raw Bites before sending Mom Paula to get us some to try. She found two (Rabbit and Chicken) of the four flavors (Rabbit, Chicken, Duck, and Tuna) and brought them home for us to try. 
 Truffle was instantly drawn to the Instinct Raw bites

We've eaten other Instinct Raw products (treats and mixers) in the past, so Mom Paula thought this would be an easy transition for us.  We've heard about the benefits of eating raw, such as, healthy skin and coat, optimal digestion, healthy teeth and gums, relief from food sensitivities, and ideal body weight.  Since the Instinct Raw bites come frozen and don't require any preparation time, Mom Paula thought this would be an easy way for us to incorporate more raw in our diets and possibly move to a totally raw diet.
Truffle wasn't too sure about her new food at first

Since we'd eaten some of the Instinct Raw treats and mixers, Mom Paula decided to let us try the Instinct Raw bites as a little snack.  She pulled out a small amount and allowed them to thaw for a few minutes, just enough to make them palatable .  She even put the Instinct Raw bites on the fine china!  At first, we just looked at it, sniffed it, and walked away.  Mom Paula put on her thinking cap and decided to break up one of the bites and put it in her hand to see if we'd try it.
Eating out of Mom Paula's hand enticed Truffle to try the Instinct Raw bites

Truffle took a couple of whiffs and then began eating the Instinct Raw bites from Mom Paula's hand. After a couple more bites, Mom Paula put the plate back in front of Truffle and she began eating. The texture was a little different and it took her a little longer to eat, but she appeared to really like it. Brulee wasn't really too interested in the Raw bites, but Mom Paula is going to try to mix some in with Brulee's favorite wet food. 
Truffle picking up the Instinct Raw bites with her tongue to eat

Instinct Raw bites for cats is a great answer for humans who want to give their cats a raw diet, but don't have the time or tools to make raw food from scratch.  If you'd like to try Instinct Raw bites, you can get a $3 off coupon at http://www.instinctpetfood.com/getraw.  
You can find out more about Instinct Raw bites by visiting their website.  If you need to locate a pet store near you that carries Instinct Raw bites, you can search here.  

If you'd like to get social with Instinct Raw, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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  1. We actually eat a lot of Instinct products! The Raw Bites are our newest addition - my human is still mixing it in with our regular cat food for dinner.

  2. The mom has been adding the Instinct Raw to our wet foods. It's yummy! Maybe eventually we'll transition over to all raw, but this has been working for us.

  3. That looks delicious AND good for you!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Mum wishes she finds something like this in Switzerland ! Purrs

  5. Are you kidding?! ME eat something good for me. I think not...

  6. I'm glad to see that you ladies are enjoying the Instict Raw bites! My kitties are still working on getting used to them. The nutrition they offer is superb! I'm glad that the Instinct Raw Bites make it so easy to serve raw to kitties.
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  7. Newton really liked the raw bites. The head peep found that he didn't like them when they still had icy particles on them, so she needed to plan ahead a bit. He didn't start accepting them until they were warmed a bit more.

  8. Those look nommy. We wish they were sold wound here.. they'll make yous all even more bootyful.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. I need to get some of those for my kitties, it is a great way to go raw without all the work.

  10. Ricky is enjoying the Raw Bites too! Great photos - they really capture the 'experience.'

  11. Great post, I didn't realize they made cat food too! This is something Callie the Cat would love to try!

  12. It's great to get a cat side of this campaign! While the Lapdogs don't have a kitty sibling, they do have friends to tell...

  13. I'm sure that my boys would love this food. I'll be on the lookout for it.

  14. Isn't it amazing how far we pet parents have come in terms of what we'll feed our pets? You pointed that out really well; years ago it would have just been dry kibble all the way. Now we are better educated and brands are too! This food does sound like a good way to get the benefits of raw without all the fuss & mess!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  15. Ya know, year's ago I would NEVER have advocated raw feeding but after interviewing about 70 (yes that many) holistic/alternative veterinarians for one of my books, I became a believer. So glad that today there are safe and convenient options.

    1. My vet isn't convinced about raw feeding yet. I'm going to share information about this food with her next time I see her.

  16. I just started feeding Keira a little raw food (toppings) that I add to her dry food. Needless to say she LOVES it!!! Thanks for your educational blog post. It's always hard to change especially when it comes to our pets and concerns about their health

  17. TW won’t feed me raw cos I bite. She’s afraid that if I eat raw that the bites will get infected. Did you know that cats who eat raw aren’t allowed to be therapy cats in hospitals and senior places for the same reason. We’re glad one of the girls liked them.

  18. I know a lot of folks feed this and looks like your babies enjoyed it. I have your Brulee on my mind tonight. Paw prayers all is okay.

  19. We are proponents of the raw diet for sure! We haven't tried these Instinct Raw bites, but we think we might! Thanks for a great review, girls!


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