Thursday, September 17, 2015

Woofie Sitting

We can't believe there is a woofie on our blog today!!!  What is Mom Paula thinking?!?!
Our woofie cousin, Bandit

Why, you ask, is a woofie on our blog?  Bandit belongs to Grandma Faye.  Bandit used to go to the woofie hotels when Grandma Faye and Grandpa Paul went out of town.  However a couple of years ago, Bandit started getting really stressed when he went to the woofie hotel and would get sick afterwards.  He got so sick a couple of years ago that we thought we'd lost him.  Mom Paula has always been close to Bandit since he came to live with the grandparents 7.5 years ago and Bandit is very comfortable with Mom Paula.  Can you believe Bandit was the first woofie Grandma Faye had ever owned?
Baby Bandit - 2007

Bandit is a Shih Tzu mix and loves living the retirement life with our human grandparents.  Anyway, back to our story.  Since Bandit and Mom Paula get along so well and we only live about 5 miles away, Grandma Faye asked Mom Paula if she would start staying overnight with Bandit when they had to go out of town to avoid him getting stressed so much.  Of course, Mom Paula said yes.  Mom Paula makes sure we are okay and then drives the few miles to stay with Bandit.  Bandit never got to sleep on the bed until Mom Paula started woofie sitting.  Now, he gets to sleep with Mom Paula all the time (even though Grandma Faye isn't too happy about this arrangement).  We'll miss sleeping with Mom Paula, but we're glad she can help out so he won't get so stressed and get sick. We have to admit that he is a cute little woofie!

We'll be back tomorrow!

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  1. I think it's a good thing your human is helping out!

  2. WE can see Bandit is much happier with this arrangement :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. It's nice of your human to help Bandit like that. It sounds like he's a much-loved member of the family!

  4. We are glad that your mom can help! We would hate for poor Bandit to get so stressed that he get sick again. Our mom's sister has a shih tzu, and they are pretty cute woofies. :)

  5. How nice of you girls to let Mom Paula stay with Bandit. You did agree...didn't you?? ;)

  6. What a good woofie auntie your mom is! He is just darling. Our mom will be woofie sitting next month for Toby (the woofie of Mom's former boss who died in April) while his daddy goes on a well deserved vacation.

  7. Bandit is so cute and we're glad your Mom can help out!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. How lovely of your person. And who is keeping you all company while she is there?

  9. OMD! OMC! Bandit is so cute! I sure hope you all get along over there. I think it is very nice of you to Woofie Sit.

  10. Even I can see that Bandit is a very cute woofie!!

  11. When I heard there was a woofie over here I HAD to come over! Ohhhh is he ever adorable!!!! Mom Paula, you are soooooooooo nice to stay with that adorable woofie!! Please give him barks and licks and love from me

  12. That's a pup with a mega-watt smile. It's a wonderful thing to see. (But I'm glad that the kitty cat dominance will continue tomorrow!)

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  13. He sure was a cute puppy. Glad Bandit gets you to stay with him while his peeps go away. Have a great evening.

  14. Bandit is cute, and it is good of your mom to look after him so he doesn't stress.

  15. Such a cutie. What do the kitties think?

    --Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

    1. They've never met Bandit. I don't have a fenced in yard, so I go over to my mom's house to "woofie sit".

  16. I must admit he is cute for being a woffie :)
    Glad your mom Paula can help her grandparents and Bandit !


  17. We agree - for a woofie, Bandit is CUTE!

  18. Bandit is adorable! It was awfully nice of you two ladycats to share your blog with him for a day. He seems like a great guy.
    - Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net


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