Wednesday, December 16, 2015

First Time Pet Mom at 70+ and #ShedHappens

Our Grandma Faye had never had a pet her entire life until Bandit came into her life 7 years ago. Grandma Faye is one of those "neat freaks" who would always talk about Mom Paula's cats and all the "hair" that would get all over everything.  Grandma Faye never understood the bond Mom Paula had with Sweet Praline and us until she adopted her own furchild. Grandma Faye has always used Swiffer® products to clean the dust in her house and now that Bandit is living with her, she appreciates the Swiffer products even more.  In the years Bandit has lived with her, Grandma Faye now spends more time playing with Bandit and less time cleaning.
Grandma Faye and Bandit in the Swing #ShedHappens
Bandit and Grandma Faye quickly developed a fur-ever friendship

A few weeks ago, we told you about Swiffer® and Bark & Co. teaming up in a promotional campaign to help more children experience that special love through pet adoption and allowing parents more time to play than clean up pet-related messes. BarkBox and Swiffer are helping make sure cleaning concerns are never an obstacle when bringing your child's or a 70+ year old special lady's first pet.

Graphics courtesy of Swiffer®

@BarkBox and @Swiffer are teaming up to make sure cleaning concerns are never an obstacle when bringing your child's first pet home.  Through December, new pup parents who adopt from partnering shelters will get a free Welcome Home kit packed with goodies and cleaning supplies.  Because with any furry family member...#Shed Happens. 
Bandit presents the Welcome Home Kit from Swiffer and BarkBox.

The Welcome Home Kit contains the following items for parents of new fur children.

  • A collection of BarkBox goodies
  • Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit
  • Swiffer Sweeper Dry Refill Kit 
  • Swiffer Duster
  • Febreze product coupon
  • Bark Toy and treats
  • Fresh Chicken Recipe Food sample and food coupon
  • Welcome Home Guide, featuring information from child development expert, Dr. Aubrey Fine, on the benefits of a pet for children.

We were happy to share a Welcome Home Kit with Grandma Faye and Bandit to show them how happy we are that Grandma Faye has discovered the joys of being owned by a fur child and now worries less about the mess he can make.  And believe us, he can make a big mess.  We sent Mom Paula to our local rescue, Pawmetto Lifeline, to present a Welcome Home Kit for a future pet parent.  Unfortunately, no one was adopting a dog during the time Mom Paula was there, but she was able to meet a very friendly dog, Joanie, who is waiting for her forever home.  You can see Joanie beside Mom Paula as she presents the box to Elizabeth Childers from Pawmetto Lifeline for a future pet parent.

We know the value of children and pets growing up together.  Mom Paula grew up with dogs the first 20 years of her life and cats the past 30+ years.  We wish you could see the special bond that has developed between Grandma Faye and Bandit and think it's amazing because Grandma Faye never had a pet before. We hope many pets (both dogs and cats) will find their forever homes over the holiday and parents and children can enjoy their time with them because Swiffer realizes that #ShedHappens. 
Present Day Bandit and Grandma Faye #ShedHappens
Bandit and Grandma Faye with his Welcome Home dog toy

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  1. Well that looks all very Swiffer. I hope Lynettea never gets hold of one to get rid of my furs. I prefer them on my body.

  2. My human can't even imagine a whole lifetime without pets! Pets sort of run in her family.

  3. Paws up to Swiffer for helping humans realize that pets can make messes...but it's easy to clean up after them.

  4. Best review you have ever done! Mom Peggy is a big fan of Swiffer products. Bandit was THE cutest little puppy ever! Oh, and still is!

  5. We also like Swiffer because it's one of the few things that the woman uses to clean.

  6. that is so sweet. we are sure Bandit is bringing lots of joy to Grandma Faye...even with the additional fuzz

  7. That was a wonderful story about GrandmaFaye!!!! Swiffer products are terrific too.

  8. Brings certainly a lot of joy into Grandma's life !

  9. Dat's pawsum. And weez really glad yous gwandmaw now knows da joy and luv of a furchild.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. Great to see some one so happy with their pet

  11. Bandit is cute but not as cute as you guys.

  12. Very sweet post. I am glad your Grandma now understands pets leave paw prints on our heart.

  13. We sure enjoyed seeing Grandma Faye and cutie Bandit!

  14. Sweet story... and yes, shed DOES happen! :)

  15. I love this! She will be so happy with her new best friend. ♥

  16. Great story! Love Swiffer. Bandit is adorable...I bet she is kicking herself for not having a pet sooner.

  17. Awe! That's such a sweet story! We love swiffer products, too!

  18. He sure is a cutie! How awesome that your grandma finally got a pet of her own!

  19. It is really nice of you two to share your Swiffer kit with your Grandma Faye and Bandit. Swiffer makes great products. I used to use them all the time when I had wood floors.
    -Purrs from you friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  20. A very, very sweet story - we enjoyed meeting Grandma Faye and sweet little Bandit; and your video was so wonderful! Thank you for caring so much about animal adoptions!! Swiffer rocks and makes pet parenting a super easy thing!

  21. Swiffer has great products! We use them all over the house. Bandit is really cute!

  22. It's hard to imagine not having a pet until reaching 70....but am sure she's making up for lost time with adorable Bandit.


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