Monday, December 14, 2015

Secret Paws Package Shipped

It's that time of the year for the Secret Paws packages to be shipped.  If you plan on your package arriving prior to December 24, 2015 this year, be sure to review the important shipping deadlines you can find on the Secret Paws website.
Brulee supervising the wrapping, packing, and shipping of the Secret Paws package

We shipped our Secret Paws package to a very special group of kitties on Friday.  We did follow our own advice and shipped it through Priority Mail and have a tracking number.  We think we may have gone a little overboard with our items, but we had a few extra items from some reviews that we wanted to share with these special kitties.

If you're participating in Secret Paws, be sure to accept the invite to be a contributing author on the Secret Paws 2015 website.  There are about 17 kitties who haven't responded to the email yet.  We used the email addresses you included in the Secret Paws information.


Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a Catit® Oasis Kit.  The giveaway ends December 16, so you only have a few more days.  Complete the entries on the Rafflecopter widget for numerous chances to win.

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  1. We are finally finishing up our secret paws shopping! My human was sick last week, then I had a cat show this weekend, so we haven't been able to fit it in.

  2. The mom finally finished shopping for our Secret Paws this past weekend. Hopefully, we'll get it shipped out this week.

  3. Brulee you look sweet snoopervising the gift wrapping.
    Secret Paws sounds like a lot of fun!
    the kitty brats

  4. You look very busy with your snoopervising!

  5. Yippee for snoopervising that package getting sent! We're excited to know our sent package arrived over the weekend and our secret paw friends liked it!

  6. You look very serious, Brulee ! Great job of snoopervision ! Purrs

  7. It looks like you did a great job supervising getting that Secret Paws box out to those lucky kitties!

  8. Mum got my package out Friday and it is supposed to get delivered today.

  9. TBT tells us he likes ta mail everything Dec 15th. If the get there late, there are nicely unexpected. Punctuality is not his biggest thing. apparently.


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