Monday, January 25, 2016

Refreshing Drink

We've had pet fountains since the day we were born, so Mom Paula has made sure to have a variety of fountains at our house. One is in the bedroom, one is in the dining room beside a tall window, and one is on a table in front of the window.  We drink from all of them, but Truffle thinks there is something special about her garnet-colored Thirsty Cat Water Fountain.  This isn't a sponsored post, but we do love this fountain.
Truffle drinking from her Thirsty Cat Water Fountain

Purrs for Marg

We're purring for Ms Marg of Marg’s Animals.  She is having the first of two cataract eye surgeries today. Send a little extra love her way please, and a prayer that all goes well (as we’re sure it will)! 


Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win a Kittycentric Cat Litter Mat.  Complete entries on the Rafflecopter widget located here.  Four of our lucky readers will win a litter mat in the color of their choice.

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  1. We don't blame Truffle for having a favorite. It is a grand fountain and we think we need one, too!
    Great pic of you at the fountain, Truffle!

  2. That's a pretty cool fountain and I can see why it is her favorite. Keeping my paws crossed for the mat. Ocean kicks litter everywhere and I think this mat will be helpful to mom.

  3. I really like that fountain, and I am kind of envious that you have so many!

  4. That is a nice looking fountain.
    We just have water bowls, but we like them too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. We didn't know that you have always had fountains your whole life! That really is a neat one.

  6. That is a wonderful fountain! You all are lucky to have it!

  7. Você pode espiar para rua enquanto bebe água, legal!

  8. we would love to have one of those fountains but mom says some cat is gonna have to get a job before that happens

  9. That's a good looking fountain. We only have one fountain. We feel jipped. ;)

  10. That photo should be on the cover of the box it comes in.

  11. That's a very pretty fountain. You girls have quite a collection of them!

  12. Such a gorgeous fountain in a beautiful shape and color. It's on my dream list.


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