Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pink Comb

We know we like pink, but did Mom Paula have to buy a pink comb?  We don't like to get groomed, but we allow Mom Paula a few minutes to help keep us beautiful.
Truffle doesn't like being groomed by the pink comb or any comb!

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  1. How can a kitty as beautiful as you NOT like being groomed, Truffle! I love it - and YOU don't even have to do the annoying bath part first!

  2. I like bein brushed, but I really don't need it dat often.

  3. That is a pretty comb.
    We all like getting groomed,except Treasure.
    He has mats. That's a good reason to be groomed Truffle!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Hannah is not a lover of being combed although she will be patient for about half a minute and so Mum snips out the hard knots before she gets too restless! It's probably because she came from a hoarding situation and was rescued along with over 100 others. Lucy came from the same place but is lucky as she doesn't have the same thick coat.

  5. Beauty is pain, Truffle. MOL!
    (Mom thinks Marilyn Monroe said that.)

  6. We bet that pink comb helps you to be more patient while450¨2olp (sorry, Pixie walking on the keyboard...) while grooming. Purrs

  7. You gotta keep those furs beautiful, Truffle.

  8. Now Truffle, mats are awful. So let mommy take care of your furs so you don;t have to.


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