Monday, April 11, 2016

National Pet Day

Today is National Pet  Day.  The day is set aside to recognize the wonderful pets in your life.  We say that pets should be appreciated and loved each and every day.  Mom Paula has been very luck to have both dogs and pets in her life since she was a little girl and can't imagine not sharing her home with fur children.  Currently, only Truffle and Brulee live with Mom Paula and they are treated better than many of the human children in the world.  Our wish for National Pet Day is that every dog and cat could have a wonderful forever home to call their own.
National Pet Day 2016
Isn't everyday National Pet Day?

Brulee on National Pet Day 2016
Brulee enjoying a little sunshine

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  1. Yes, we should all be thankful today that we are treasured every day, and purr for those cats and dogs that aren't as fortunate.

  2. That's a great wish. We wish all cats had homes as loving and caring as ours are.

  3. We wish all animals could have loving homes.

  4. No one knows how to rock eyebrows like you, hun! Love them!

  5. Happy National Pet Day--which of course should be every day and people should not need to be reminded, but, well, humans.

  6. I agree that every day should be Pet Day!

  7. Happy Pet Day! You girls are gorgeous!


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