Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flat Kitties Will Travel

Mom Paula has some regrets that she didn't harness and leash train us as kittens and take us on more trips so we could travel with her.  She wanted to take us to BlogPaws this week, but that would probably be a total disaster for all concerned, so she took some time this weekend and made a Flat Truffle and a Flat Brulee.  The last flats she made was about 3 years ago and they were pretty worn.  After several hours of work this weekend, we're excited to share our new flats.
Flat Brulee and Flat Truffle

The flats aren't as nice as she'd like them to be, but she's proud of her work.  Mom Paula has a new camera and she's hoping some blogging friends can help her learn how to use it while at BlogPaws.  Maybe we'll begin getting better photos in the future.

Mom Paula begins her trip by driving to Charlotte to stay overnight with Chey, Gemini, Ichiro, and Bonnie (and The Male) since they live near the airport.  Mom Paula is hoping she'll actually get to see Gemini this time.

Then, it's on to #BlogPaws

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  1. My human and I are looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days!

  2. The Woman has been talking to Gemini about coming out to visit with Mom Paula...

  3. Tell Mom Paula to travel safely and keep cool, I hear it's way hot out that way!

  4. You gals look good as flat kitties. Can't wait to meet Mom Paula!

  5. You look beautiful girls. I wish could get mommy to do that but she doesn't know how.

    Wave hello to my other favorite brother pleaser. He lives in Charlotte.

  6. Great looking flats! We hope your Mom has fun at Blogpaws!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Safe travels and have a blast!!!! I think your "flats" came out great!! I don't think you would want to bring your kitties to Phoenix anyway......too darned hot!!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. Those are great!! I wish I could meet them.

  9. The mom did not make any flats of us! Phooey! She can't wait to see you at BlogPaws.


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