Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mom Paula is Cheating on Us

Mom Paula is at BlogPaws and is having a blast networking with all of the humans behind the cat blogs (and some of the dog bloggers).  Mom Paula is rooming with Leah from Rascal and Rocco and Flat Truffle and Flat Brulee are serving as chaperones to make sure they are behaving.
Flat Truffle and Bruee guarding the room

There are some of our cat friends at BlogPaws.  Mom Paula was able to hold Coco from Coco, the Couture Cat.  Coco actually climbed onto Mom Paula's lap when they were in the lobby chatting.  We don't even do this.  Coco has a wardrobe that rivals that best of divas!  Summer is also here and someone took a photo of Mom Paula with her, but we don't remember who.  Christy from Christy Paws is also here.
Mom Paula and Coco

Mom Paula attended a special Afternoon Tea event with AAHA this afternoon and won and exciting giveaway that she will be able to share with our readers soon.

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  1. Well, better the flat cats in a suitcase than YOU both in PTUs, right?

  2. Your human looks so happy holding Coco! My human is looking forward to meeting Leah in person since they worked together on the first volume of Rescued.

  3. Me feel for you two !
    Mom Paula is really nooty !!!

    PS : From now on.. Please visit me @ My new blog address : http://mrpuddy9.blogspot.com 

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. I am glad your Mom is having fun.

  6. I guess Coco was trying to show you two how it's done! Lap sitting is the best.


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