Thursday, July 7, 2016

Brulee's Floof

You saw the photo of Truffle in yesterday's post looking at the fur Mom Paula was able to comb out using our new Resco® comb and slicker brush.  If you think that was a lot of fur, look at the photo below of Brulee's!
Put it back!

Mom Paula:  I love Truffle and Brulee's beautiful coats, but they are a challenge.  Not only are daily grooming sessions required, but I have fur all over the house.  I can vacuum the hallway and come back an hour later and it looks like a cotton field.  I'm hoping these new grooming tools will help me avoid so much shedding in the future.  In the meantime, I'm the lady who always brings a little silver fur with her to work each  cay.

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  1. I knew Brulee would have a good pile after I saw Truffle's! My human combed out Boodie today - now, that was a LOT of fur, because my human does not comb her often enough!

  2. you could build a whole other kitten with that :)

  3. Has your Mom thought about knitting your floof or making cushions out of it?

  4. Are you sure there aren't three kitties living there?

  5. you're preaching to the choir, try having a Shetland Sheepdog !!! I think your girls and Dakota should get together, we could make the most GLORIOUS blankets, sweaters and carpets lmao


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