Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Wheels are Turning

Can't you just see the wheels turning in Brulee's head as she contemplates how to get the two bag of treats on the top of the scratching post?  We know many of our kitty friend would probably already have climbed up the scratching post and be off with the treats.  Luckily for Mom Paula, Truffle and Brulee aren't really climbers.  In the meantime, poor little Brulee is still sitting there trying to figure out how to get her treats.
Brulee, treats, and scratching post
Let me see...

We'll let you in on a secret.  Mom Paula moved the post from out of the bathroom before we figured out we could jump on the toilet and then on the cabinet where we could easily get to the treats. MOL! Now, we must figure out how to get to the treats.


Here's the good news!  One lucky kitty household won't have to work so hard to get their treats.  You can enter our 5th blogoversary giveaway for the cat package from Chewy.com.  The package includes 5 different treats, the tall cat scratcher, a comfortable kitty bed, and a tunnel.  The giveaway ends August 22, 2016, so enter now.

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  1. MOL, I resemble that face! And I AM a climber. ;-)

  2. We are climbers here :)
    However, when the bag is resealed, we do not bother it.
    Mum just puts it in a kitchen cupboard.
    Hope you got some treats Brulee.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We would be all over those treats by now.

  4. Ichiro would have leaned up and swatted them with a paw! But he is very tall. I'd be happy to send him down.

  5. a) work together ... b) find a way to knock the post over, or least get it to tip a bit ... or both run into the post at the same time so the bags fall off, even if the base doesn't allow it to tip. ~Bear Cat
    ps - I expect a 15% commission!

  6. I love my Ultimate Scratching Post.


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