Thursday, September 15, 2016

Open Bubbles, Please

Brulee is feeling better and is waiting for Mom Paula to open the bubbles so she can play a little bit.
Brulee and Bubbles
Brulee says this is the only type of liquid she wants for a while (except for water)

Both girls are off of their medication at the recommendation of the vet.  Mom Paula talked to a few vets when she was in NYC this past week and they said a lot of cats don't like liquid medication. We've never had a problem before, but we guess because we're five years old now; we don't like that liquid stuff.  We hope we don't need to get on medication anytime soon again!

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  1. Binga and Boodie are scared of bubbles - can you believe it? (Sparkle was too.) My human should try some with me - then maybe we can use them when Binga photobombs too much at photo shoots.

  2. Mum has never tried bubbles with us.
    Maybe she should.
    Glad you are feeling better Brulee :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We ignored bubbles. We figure Brulee must be feeling very good indeed if she likes them!

  4. We haven't played with bubbles lately. Must get on Mom Peggy to bring the bottle out!

  5. with that expression, we hope mom Paula brought out the bubbles asap!

  6. We never played with bubbles. We should give it a try ! We hope mom Paula opens the bottle very soon ! Purrs

  7. That is so interesting that you enjoy playing with bubbles. My Dad bought a HUGE bottle of bubble stuff for my human sister's 4 year old and she loves them too.

    Having been out of the loop, I didn't know about your medication. I hope all will go well.

  8. We're glad Brulee is feeling better. We sure don't like liquid meds...in fact, we don't like any meds!


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