Monday, October 10, 2016

Beauty Consultants

Now that the hurricane has left and the weather has calmed down and we're more relaxed, we're helping Aunt Vicky get ready in the morning.  We thought she could use some assistance when she's putting on her face in the mornings.  After all, we Southern lady cats know the importance of looking your best at all times.
Truffle and Brulee helping out in the guest bathroom

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  1. MOL, my human's mother used to say she was "putting on her face." My human considers it "fixing" her face.

    I'm just glad that nobody has to mess with my face, other than kiss it.

  2. Look at that gorgeous silver shading! Aunt Vicky is going to be lonely when she goes home :)

  3. We're so relieved that the hurricane has gone and you can stop being worried.

  4. Your aunt is lucky to have you girls help her ;)
    Mum has a simple routine, she calls it mascara and lip gloss :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. We bet Aunt Vicky could learn a thing or two from you two beauties.

  6. We are sure she appreciated all the tips and advice you had to offer!

  7. we bet you ladies were lots of help

  8. Glad you are all safe. Hope Miss Vicky gets to go home soon.

  9. You could share the secret of your amazing eye make-up with your auntie ! Purrs


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