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All in One Grooming Kit for Cats - Catit Giveaway

We've shared many posts with our readers about the need to be groomed on a regular basis and Mom Paula's constant search for the right tools to keep our long and thick fur healthy and beautiful.  We can't begin to describe the number of grooming tools we have in our house and they are all over the place.  Wouldn't it be great to have everything you need in one place for keeping your cats beautiful?
Truffle and Brulee with the Catit® Grooming Kit
Truffle and Brulee are curious about the Catit® cannister

We've shared Catit® products with you in the past and the Catit Grooming Kits are one of the newest products to help keep cat's fur healthy and mat-free.  Mom Paula saw the Catit Grooming Kit when she was at BlogPaws last year and fell in love with it.  When Catit contacted us about reviewing this product, we jumped at the chance.  Regular grooming not only keeps our fur beautiful but it helps to reduce the amount of shedding inside the house and can strengthen the bond between the humans and cats.  Time spent grooming increases quality time between both which is so important.
Photo courtesy Catit®

The Catit Grooming kits come in both a long hair and a short hair version with tools specifically designed for your cat's coat.  The grooming kits contain every tool you'll need to take care of both the coat and nails.  The grooming tools are stored upright in a handy canister, which prevents the combs' teeth from getting damaged (or lost).  The canister's lid is designed as a temporary storage container for loose cat hair as you groom.
Brulee checking out the grooming tools in the Catit® Long Hair Grooming Kit

We received the Catit® Long Hair Grooming Kit to review.  The cannister is a stylish white design that will blend in with any decor in your home.  The grooming tools  have comfortable ergonomic handles to assist your human with grooming sessions.  Mom Paula likes these handles because  her small hands tend to get tired and cramped with our long grooming sessions.  Take a look at each of the unique grooming tools in the grooming kit.
Grooming tools in the Catit® Long Hair Grooming Kit

Metal Slicker Brush

The metal slicker brush is designed to remove loose hair and dandruff and can untangle simple knots while gently stimulating the skin.  Mom Paula likes to use the metal slicker brush on our head, neck, and bellies because our fur is shorter and thicker in those locations.  The long pins of this metal slicker brush gets down to the lower layers of our coat to help ensure a thorough brushing.  The metal slicker brush should be used daily on your cat's fur.  Mom Paula hasn't used the slicker brush as frequently as she should, so this is a New Year's Resolution for us.  

Long Dematter

We definitely get mats and Mom Paula is determined not to shave us to get rid of them.  She's tried various tools to assist in removing the mats, but never a dematter.  The long dematter can help remove mats cats can't remove on their own.  There are blades on the dematter that cut away mats and knots with ease.  It is important to remember to use the long dematter with care because of the sharp blades.  The dematter tool has long blades that can easily cut through mats and knows and collect loose hair from your cat's coat.  The dematter tool can also be used to brush through patches of fur where it's very dense (formed on the rear, chest, or under the armpits).  Removing a mat should be a slow process to avoid pulling too hard or cutting the skin.  Mom Paula is still getting familiar with the dematter tool but it was very effective removing a small mat from Truffle's neck area. Brulee is more of a squirmer during grooming sessions, so Mom Paula hasn't attempted the long dematter on her yet. We'll keep you informed of our progress.

Pin Brush

We've used a pin brush since we were kittens.  The pin brush is ideal for removing tangles and debris, while the soft tips provide comfort for cats during grooming.  The small long pins get down to the skin and brush through the fur.  The tips of the pins are blunt to prevent hurting our skin.  Mom Paula tried using other brushes on us, but they hurt our skin, so she went to a pin brush with the blunt tips. We've always been comfortable with the pin brush and usually allow Mom Paula to groom us from our head to the tip of our tails with it.  The pin brush opens up our coat to allow air between the hairs which gives longhaired cats a lively and puffy coat after the grooming session.  Use the pin brush daily and brush in the direction of the hair growth.

Grooming Comb with Rolling Pins

We've talked about combs that have rolling pins in the past, so you know we were happy there was a grooming comb with rolling pins in the Catit Long Hair Grooming Kit.  The rolling pins help detangle our fur without pulling on our tender skin.  This comb helps keep our skin clean by removing any dandruff and other small dirt particles in addition to removing loose hair before it can mat.  The longer pins of this comb work on the undercoat while the shorter pins comb the top coat. The combination of the two sizes of pins allow for a better grip and more thorough brushing.  The rolling pins prevent the comb from getting stuck in tangles. This comb is also great for those hard-to-get areas around our backside and under the armpits.  This comb should be used daily to help maintain our beautiful coats.

Curved Nail Clipper

In addition to the wonderful combs and brushes, there is a quality nail clipper in the grooming kit. It's important to keep your cat's nails clipped to avoid potential damage to furniture and scratches on human skin.  Mom Paula has clipped our nails since we were kittens.  Truffle is pretty calm with the nail clipping, but Brulee used to squirm like a worm. She's gotten better, but Mom Paula wants clippers that are effective, sharp, and quick.  You should use clippers specifically designed for a cat's claws.  Clippers designed for humans are too big for cat claws and can split the nail if used.  These clippers are small and easily fit in your human's hand.  If you're not sure how to clip your cat's nails, you should ask your veterinarian to show you how to do it without clipping into the quick (pinkish part of nail). Our nails are usually clipped once a month.
Graphic courtesy Catit®

Catit® has designed a short hair grooming kit with tools specifically created for short haired cats. The Short Hair Grooming Kit includes a nylon slicker brush, a metal slicker brush, a fine grooming comb, a rubber palm brush, and a curved nail clipper.  You can read more about these tools and how to use them on the website.
Truffle presenting the grooming tools in the Catit® Long Hair Grooming Kit


The wonderful people at Catit® are allowing us to host a holiday giveaway for one of our lucky winners to receive his/her choice of the Long Hair Grooming Kit or the Short Hair Grooming Kit.  No purchase is necessary.  The giveaway is open to residents of the United States, except where prohibited by law. Giveaway will run from November 25 – December 2, 2016 at 11:59pm ET. You must leave a comment in order to qualify for the giveaway.  Once a comment is left, you will have additional options for entries.  A single winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter (powered by Random.org) and notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize and a new winner will be randomly chosen. Please check your email and be sure to add sweetpurrfections@sc.rr.com to your address book! 

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  1. That's pretty handy! I'd probably need one of each, since I have both shorter and longer hair.

  2. Mom uses a slicker brush and comb on us. This is a great idea! Everything right at Mom's fingertips!

  3. Did I have to say what we use? Umm...whatever we can find. The challenge, of course is that we are both very short haired, medium haired and just wild (Gemini).

  4. That sure is nice and very organized too!

  5. That is a very handy idea...especially since I just groomed Annabelle and was thinking about looking for a specific product to help with that!

  6. Those look like nice tools. I like the canister organizer, too.

  7. I have an old cat brush that just isn't doing the job as well as it should. I really need new brushes for our three cats.

  8. I just use a brush. This would be such a step up!

  9. What a wonderful idea, that kit looks very handy ! Good luck to our US friends ! Purrs

  10. i dont cats but i love some of these grooming products. if i did have a cat i would use a soft pin brush to get the dead hair out. also the small nail clippers which i used on my puppy.

  11. What an awesome giveaway. Mom just uses a btush, but if we're really tangled she uses a furmanator. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. What a great giveaway! I just use a regular old brush from the pet store with out cats.

  13. What a pawsome grooming kit! I like that it keeps everything together nicely. Since my kitties have short hair, we usually just use a brush and a deshedding tool. It would be nice to have a kit like this!
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  14. The grooming sets look perfect. I have brushes scattered all over the house and can't always find any!
    Thanks for having such a good give-away.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  15. Dusty has said he is willing to move to the US to qualify for the giveaway :-)

    With a set like this, you are all set to keep a cat in good trim and I love that it's all in a container - not a bundle of loose things you end up losing. Well done Catit!!

  16. How adorable is this! I love how they are looking at the case in the first picture - like they don't quite trust it! LOL.

  17. What a great kit! Trout is a DSH but his hair can get out of control! I hate when he comes to cuddle (a rare occurrence) and his hair flies into my eyes. I've been brushing him but I think think I need a set like this to tame his mane lol Very cool giveaway! I'll tweet it out too :)

  18. That is a great grooming kit. I love the way it has the nice container. Very snazzy.

  19. What a really cool kit! I love how it all stays so organized together.

  20. Great give away, good luck to all that enter :)

  21. We use brushes and a Furminator, but my newest rescue cat is a longhaired beauty grooming her is a whole different experience.

  22. Every time I read one of your posts I end up saying "Wow, I did not know that existed". This time is no different, TIL there is more than one kind of brush for cats!

  23. What a great set, there's so many tools in there. It's great that it has a de-matting tool, perfect for long hair cats like Truffle & Brulee. The case is very stylish, this would make a great gift.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  24. That looks really nice. More tools than I have for my hair! I wonder if it would work for dog hair.

  25. That looks like a great set of grooming tools! I think they would be great for my cat as well a couple of my dogs.

  26. What a great grooming kit i am sure Brulee and truffle must love all the pampering


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