Friday, November 4, 2016

Last Visit Before Coming Home

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 5 years ago that Brulee came to live with us. Tomorrow will be Brulee's 5th Gotcha Day.  Mom Paula was able to visit Brulee a couple of times before she came to live with us so they could get to know each other a little better and begin the bonding process.  The photo below was the last time Mom Paula visited Brulee at Mom Terri's house in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Mom Terri lived 2 hours away, so it was easier to visit and spend time together.
Mom Paula and Brulee - October 2011

Brulee was a little ball of fur and had that cute little Persian scowl on her face at an early age.  The times that Mom Paula visited, Brulee wasn't really hanging around with her siblings, but she did like to spend time with Mom Paula and that's what was important. When Mom Paula left to go home that last visit, Brulee slipped into the large kitten cage and watched Mom Paula leave.  The pink blanket beside Brulee was Truffle's blanket, so Mom Paula took it to leave with Brulee so Truffle's smells would be on it.  We'll tell you the story of the first day Brulee met Truffle tomorrow, so please come back.
Baby Brulee watching Mom Paula leave - October 2011

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  1. It's been five years already? Wow! Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

  2. the story of the first day Brulee met Truffle ?
    I can't wait =^x^=

  3. Wow, five years feels like yesterday! They grow up so fast. What a furry tidbit she was.

  4. We had no idea that Brulee and Truffle they had been with you for 5 years already.

  5. A gorgeous baby ... how can you not fall in love? :)

  6. Squee! I can't believe it's been five years already!

  7. Dang, five years? It seems like just yesterday!


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