Friday, December 30, 2016

Finally Friday: A Look Back at 2016

Today is the last Friday in 2016 and we are exhausted.  A lot has happened in 2016:  both positive and negative, but we're always thankful to live in a home where we're loved and taken care of by Mom Paula.
Truffle is storing up energy for an exciting 2017


We were nurse kitties to Mom Paula during the month of January.  She picked up a nasty bug that wouldn't go away, so she was at home with us a lot.  She coughed so much that Truffle hid from her and Brulee became the constant companion in bed.


We participated in several product reviews and giveaways for some wonderful pet companies.  Mom Paula continued to fight the nasty bug and was at home more than work.  Mom Paula was able to travel to a meeting in Las Vegas and was able to meet Meg Hart, the human behind Housecat Confidential.


Mom Paula had the privilege to attend the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida where she met up with some wonderful cat and dog bloggers who were also there as press.  While there, she made connections with some new people in the pet industry and brought us back lots of toys, treats, and food to try.  She spent time with Julie McAlee and the wonderful kitties from Sometimes Cats Herd You.


April was more calm around our house last year.  Mom Paula was finally feeling better and both of us were healthy.  We reviewed the Drinkwell Sedona Fountain from PetSafe and the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed and offered a giveaway for our readers for these two great products.  


We participated in product reviews from Chewy, PetSafe, and Sleepypod.  We were selected for a couple of campaigns through BlogPaws.  Mom Paula became a member of the Cat Writer's Association.


Truffle turned 5 years old in July.  June brought us BlogPaws in Phoenix, Arizona.  This was Mom Paula's second trip to the BlogPaws conference, which was held jointly with the Cat Writer's Association.  The temperatures in Arizona were at an all time high, but that didn't stop Mom Paula from meeting dogs, cats, rats, bloggers, and representatives from the various pet companies.  While at BlogPaws, she found out that the 2017 conference will be held in Myrtle Beach, SC, which is only a few hours away from us.  We wish we felt more comfortable traveling...


We celebrated our 5th blogoversary in July.  We worked with representatives from several companies to offer wonderful new products to our readers in giveaways.  We participated in Pet Hydration Month, which is sponsored by PetSafe.


We remembered our little brother, Beignet, who went to the bridge in August 5 years ago due to cancer from a vaccination.  Brulee turned 5 years old.  We introduced a new look to our blog with a new header, wider margins, and a logo (all designed by Ann of Zoolatry).  We began working on the 2017 Cats of the Blogosphere Weekly Planner and recruited photos from cat bloggers from around the world.  Truffle had her annual checkup at the vet and received her first baseline blood workup. 


September was a little rough for us.  Brulee was rushed to the vet with a high fever and a upper respiratory infection.  Truffle had a slightly elevated temperature, so the vet suggested both of us take the antibiotic.  Unfortunately, Truffle had a reaction to the medication and also became sluggish and sick.  Truffle celebrated her 5th Gotcha Day.  Mom Paula was invited to attend a special event in NYC:  BlogPurr, which was sponsored by Merck.  While there she was able to visit a cat cafe and learn about a new flea preventative for cats that was being released soon.  Grandpa Paul was rushed to the hospital in September with a high fever.  He was in the hospital for several days.


We began the month of October with Hurricane Matthew hitting the coast of South Carolina and impacting almost the entire state.  Mom Paula's friend, Vicky, stayed with us for a week due to her being evacuated from the coast.  Mom Paula was off of work for several days because the hurricane.  


We celebrated Brulee's 5th Gotcha Day in November.  Mom Paula traveled to the coast to be with Aunty Vicky while she had eye surgery.  Grandpa Paul had major surgery and was in the hospital for over a week.  He's at home now, but the recovery is very slow.  The 2017 Cat Calendar was completed and sent to the publisher.


December has been both challenging and a blessing.  Grandpa Paul continues to improve each day. Aunt Vicky's eyes are slowly getting better.  We hosted the Secret Paws exchange for the 6th year (7 years with Sweet Praline).  We lost our sweet woofie cousin, Sydney due to an accident.  We gained a new woofie cousin, Angus (Miniature Australian Shepherd).  Mom Paula found out that her lifestyle will change drastically in April next year due to a retirement she wasn't expecting.  All of us are healthy right now, but our finances are really limited due to some personal issues, so Brulee hasn't been able to go to her annual vet appointment yet.  We're very thankful we're together and we have each other.  Our desktop computer that was purchased in March 2015 is dying, so we have to get a new one.

Look back on 2016 and forward to 2017

For those of you who've read through all of our experiences, trials, and successes this past  year, we thank you.  Thank you for being our furriends!

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  1. You had an interesting year. Hope 2037 is a good one, too!

  2. That was quite a year for you all! I hope that 2017 has more good stuff in store for you!

  3. Its always interesting to look back on the year that was. Wishing you a very happy 2017.

  4. You had a busy year. Happy 2017, and we look forward to all of your adventures ahead!

  5. Well that was some recap! Let's hope that downtime with your mum will make 2017 GREAT!

  6. Thank you for the catch up! This year has held blessings and challenges. Thank you so much for doing the calendar and Secret Paws. Really means alot to bring bloggers together. I missed about the new flea preventive coming out and would like to know more. Hoping that 2017 brings more blessings even with the retirement coming up. Purrz and Paddypawz, Katie and Katie Too.

  7. purrs to a quiet, happy and healthy 2017

  8. Our year was a roller coaster too.

    Happy New Years to you and we hope you have a great one!

  9. I can only imagine how exhausted your mom must be. What a full year! We look forward to seeing what is to come in 2017. Wishing you two and Mom Paula the best!

  10. What a busy year ! Thank you again to mom Paula for doing the Cat Blogosphere Calendar and organizing Secret Paws. We wish you a good 2017 ! Purrs

  11. That was quite a busy year sweeties! Maybe my Dad will be at BlogPaws at the beach next year.

  12. Looking back at 2016 we wonder how we all did as much as we managed to do. We're hoping for a super 2017 for effuryone.

    The Florida Furkids

  13. Nice look back. I am glad your Grandpa is doing better. I hope everyone has a better 2017!

  14. You had quite a full year! I completely feel for you about your finances in December. We have been like that for the past year, it has been dreadful. I STILL don't have the stickers for my car and my birthday was in October. I haven't driven since. On a bright note, my husband started substitute teaching in November.....hopefully with him working now things will improve in 2017. Hoping things improve for you too. catchatwithcarenandcody

  15. It's been quite the year for all of you. We purr that the new year brings you much happiness and good health.


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