Friday, December 23, 2016

Large Cat Eyes

Remember when Mom Paula told you about us staring intently at her this week.  Here are a couple of photos of us staring at Mom Paula.  Would this freak out your human or melt his/her heart?  There's just something about those green eyes staring out from the silver/white fur...



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  1. Now I'm really curious about what they were thinking!

  2. They are probably willing you to hand out treats ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. We'd love to know what Brulee and Truffle were thinking about.

  4. Our person would probably just stare right back...

  5. Bear does that too. He doesn't actually WANT anything ... if I try to pet him, he'll bite me ... I think he just likes to mess with me because he knows it makes me nervous ;)

  6. Beautiful eyes! Our mom and dad would melt!

    By the way, we never received an invitation to the Secret Paws blog. Could you re-send? Thanks!

  7. Our Mom thinks staring is beautiful and wouldn't be freaked out by it at all. Our sister Pia stares a lot and Mom always gives her kisses for it. Pia's mama, Gypsy, who was adopted out elsewhere when Pia was a baby, was returned once to the shelter because the lady didn't like Gypsy staring at her all the time. Can you imagine such a reason? Luckily, another lady was visiting the shelter at the same time Gypsy was being returned and she fell in love with her instantly, big staring eyes and all! They've been living happily together for years now!

  8. Mom would melt. Although when we give mom the big eyes she thinks we are up to somtthing


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