Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Where's the Food?

Truffle can be a little moocher when she wants to be and is always trying to sneak up on Mom Paula's plates when she puts it down.  Mom Paula fooled Truffle this time by the plate being empty.  You can see what Truffle thinks of this empty plate!
Where's the meat?

We have a neat food topper/treat to share with you this week from Wellness®.  Stay tuned because both Truffle and Brulee love it!

Pee ess - Mom Paula went to the doctor yesterday with her arm because it was still bleeding. Luckily, she didn't need a tetanus shot because she had one within the 10-year time period.  The doctor did give her some antibiotics and some cream to put on the scratches and told Mom Paula to watch it closely.  Mom Paula knows Brulee didn't mean to do it and as soon as she can hold Brulee with both arms, those nails will be trimmed.

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  1. Sometimes kitty-caused wounds need extra help - and of course, we never mean to do harm.

  2. It's not what you expected, right, Truffle ? Purrs

  3. Yes, sounds like a nail trim is in order! Cute picture of Truffle.

  4. An empty plate? That's sooo wrong!! Can't wait to hear about the toppers. We're glad Mom Paula
    got her arm looked at.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Poor Truffle, she could have saved a bite for you.

  6. We are glad Mom Paula went to the doctor for her arm. Sprry there was nothing on the plate, Truffle

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