Monday, March 6, 2017

Back in the Cat Cave

A few months ago, we shared a review on the Walking Palm Cat Cave.  At the time, both Truffle and Brulee loved it.  They would sleep inside and on top of it.  Like all cats, they change their preferences where they like to sleep as much as humans change underwear.  MOL!  They hadn't slept inside the cat cave in a couple of months, but last night, both Truffle and Brulee decided they wanted to crawl inside the cat cave for a little nap.
Truffle watching Brulee inside cat cave
Truffle watching Brulee inside Walking Palm Cat Cave

Truffle was resting on one of the chairs in the living room when she saw Brulee crawl inside the cat cave.  It wasn't a few seconds before Truffle wanted inside, too.  They could probably both fit because they are such small cats, but Mom Paula didn't want a tussle to follow because each wanted it for herself, so Mom Paula picked up Truffle so Brulee could rest undisturbed.
Brulee inside the Walking Palm Cat Cave
A satisfied  Brulee

Don't you just love the smug look on Brulee's face now that she has the cat cave to herself?  Mom Paula keeps saying she needs to get a second cave so both girls can have one.

Have a great week!

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  1. You could get a new one, but like sisters, they would both want the new one!

  2. So adorable! Can you imagine two sweet faces peeking out from there? SquueeeEEEE!

  3. though 2 cats in there would take "cage match" to a whole new level :)

  4. She looks very happy indeed ! Purrs

  5. That cute cat cave was just made for you girls!

  6. We like your cave! We can see why you both would want to be in it.

  7. That's a pawsome cave....we would all a want it too!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Yes, I do think a second cat cave is in order! Or should be ON order!


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