Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brulee's Grooming Session with the Pet Sitter

Mom Paula received this photo from DJ, the pet sitter yesterday.  DJ said she was able to groom Brulee everywhere except for the belly (that's normal with Mom Paula,too).  She said Truffle ate some treats but walked away when it was photo time.  We hope Truffle will get used to DJ this time since she's not getting medication.  We love this photo of Brulee with all of her freshly groomed whiskers!

Mom Paula also got her kitten fix with the three foster kittens Jeanne Kudich from Random Felines, brought to BlogPaws.  Mom Paula was spotted cuddling up next to Gucci, and adorable little ginger.
Gucci and Mom Paula

The BlogPaws 2017 conference kicks off this afternoon.  We can't wait to share all of the exciting activities with everyone.

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  1. I'm sure the girls miss you, but it sounds like they are doing well. Lucky you to hang out with kittens! I wish I was there for you to pet too.

  2. You look gorgeous, Brulee ! And Mom Paula looks absolutely thrilled cuddling up next to the cute Gucci ! Purrs

  3. Brulee looks wonderful. Cute photo of you with the kitten too.

  4. How pretty Brulee looks! And we hope Mom Paula doesn't plan on bringing any of those kittens home with her.

  5. Looking gorgeous, Brulee! Mom Paula sure looks like she's enjoying her time with that little ginger kitty. :)


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