Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cat World Domination Day

Today is Cat World Domination Day sponsored by Summer over at Sparklecat.  We know, just like Summer, that we dominate the world everyday and our humans know it. However, we needed a special day to let everyone in the world know that we've taken over the world.  Just look at all of the images of cats on the Internet and on Facebook.   To celebrate this day, Mom Paula got a little nostalgic and went back to this day six years ago (2011).  Truffle was three weeks old and Mom Terri sent these photos to her.

Photo courtesy Terri Rogers

Truffle at 3 weeks old

We shared earlier with you about how dark Truffle was as a kitten.  Remember, silver shaded Persians are born dark and their coat lightens as they are older.  As you can see from the photo above, Truffle's head, chest, and front paws were already white.  Her body was still dark.  It would be a few more weeks before she was white all over with tips of silver on her fur.  Truffle's eyes were still blue and it was obvious she was going to have her cute little black nose (not standard for Silver Shaded Persians).

Photo courtesy Terri Rogers

Truffle at 3 weeks old (2011)

Truffle knew she was special when she was born.  When Mom Terri would send photos of all of the kittens to Mom Paula, there was an obvious connection through the photos of Truffle where she reached out to Mom Paula to let her know Truffle was coming soon.  The photo above of truffle with her tiara and pink roses sums up Truffle's sweet little diva attitude.  She was an independent little kitten from the beginning (many videos showed Truffle entertaining herself while the other kittens were off to the side) and she continues to have a strong personality and everyone knows she is the "queen" of our home.

Truffle - 2017

As you can tell from the photo above, Truffle has grown into a beautiful Silver Shaded Persian.  She has that soft white fur with the black tips that make her look like she is shaded silver.  She has black paw pads and her back left paw is still dark.  She has gorgeous green eyes and kept her black nose (it didn't turn red).  Truffle may look large, but she is a petite little Persian, weighing about 7.5 pounds.  Everyone who meets her for the first time is surprised how small she is, but she is full of personality.  She's shy at first, but will come out of her shell and be your best friend when freeze-dried chicken treats are involved.

So in honor of Cat World Domination Day, we feature Truffle, who definitely dominates our home.  We've shared some of her unique features and personality traits.  Have you known a cat (or dog) who dominated your house?  What special or unique traits did she have?  

In the meantime, be prepared to see lots of photos of cats today!

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  1. We love your itty bitty photos beautiful Truffle! Happy dominating!!!

  2. That baby Truffle is so cute...she could dominate anything!

  3. Happy Cat World Domination Day!
    Have a super weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  4. She's stunning. We would never have guessed she was so small.

  5. Such a cutie! Happy World Cat Domination Day!

  6. Yay ! Happy World Cat Domination Day!
    Who can deny your cutie, Miss Truffle !

  7. Cuteness is one of the best way to dominate the house. Happy Cat World Domination Day ! Purrs

  8. Happy Cat World Domination Day, especially to Truffle! When I came here, Sparkle's notes say I was supposed to be in charge... but I dunno, Binga seems to have an issue with that!

  9. So adorable! Happy Cat World Domination Day!

  10. OMC, so cute! This is why cats have no problem taking over the world. :)

  11. Baby Truffle, wow she is a real stunning princess, even at three weeks! I can totally see why, she could take over the world, and bring love everywhere....
    Purrs, ERin


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