Thursday, September 7, 2017

Company is Coming

Mom Paula says we have some company coming for a few days. 
Brulee waiting for Aunt Vicky to arrive

We're excited about Aunt Vicky coming to visit, but sad she has to come because of Hurricane Irma approaching us. Aunt Vicky lives near Beaufort, SC and she is leaving early before the governor announces an evacuation. We don't know what the path of Irma will be, but we're expecting some bad weather where we live, even though we live 2 hours from the coast. We finally helped Mom Paula get the guest room ready for Aunt Vicky!
Guest bedroom with stuffed kitties to keep Aunt Vicky company

Aunt Vicky is boarding her Poodle named Dudley at our vet while she's here. Dudley would be a great dog to have in the house, but Mom Paula isn't sure how we would handle him in the house and how stressed we would be.

We're sending all of our purrs to our friends who live in Florida, Georgia, SC, and other states in the path of Irma!

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  1. I bet your Aunt Vicky will like her digs. I hope all works well for all of you!

  2. we are glad Aunt Vicky will have a safe place to stay

  3. We got company today, too, and because of the hurricane, too. My youngest daughter moved to Florida almost two years ago. She drove all the way here by herself - well, she had company. Her dog, Riley (a Beagle mix about 30 pounds) and two cats, Dixie and Diesel, came with her. Depending on what happens to the place she lives, she'll either drive back home after the hurricane is done, or she'll move back up her temporarily (she's convinced her half of the townhome she rents will be flattened, as will her other two cars). I'm glad she's safe and she knows she's welcome to stay for as long as needed. She adopted Riley while still living at home, so Riley has lived here with no problems before. NONE of the furbabies here now are ones who were here when Riley was living here, though, and from what my daughter has told me, Riley isn't used to being around other dogs these days and can get protective of her. It's going to be a case of wait-and-see. When she had Riley here for a few days around Christmas 2014, she took a little time but was fine with our dogs. She'll be fine with our cats, but we need to see how her cats and my cats get along. All the cats are used to being around dogs and other cats, so hopefully it'll go well. My old kitty, Moko, doesn't like any other cats (except my Kotoha, who I brought into our home when she was just two weeks old and being bottle fed, so I think Moko's maternal instincts kicked in with her and now she's okay with her). Luckily we have a family room in the basement, plenty of room for the furbabies on the main floor, and even a second, half-story (we have a Cape Cod style house), and there's even a door at the top of the stairs going upstairs, so we can keep everyone separated if needed and still give them plenty of freedom. I hope your visit will be pleasant! I look forward to being able to spend unplanned time with my daughter.

  4. Take care sweeties, Irma is headed to you then to us and Marg. Make sure you protect Mom Paula and Aunt Vicky! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. That looks like a wonderful place for your Auntie to stay. I hope you all stay safe.

  6. Enjoy your time with Aunt Vicky but we wish it was under better circumstances. Stay safe!!

  7. I'm so glad you have room for aunt Vicky - we are all purring very hard for all our pals in Irma's path. It's going to be a stressful few days for everyone.


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