Friday, October 20, 2017

It's Tocktober Time!

It's time to have a little fun today!  It's Tocktober Day!  What is Tocktober Day?

Baby Brulee showing her tocks!
Brulee showing her early fluffy tocks - October 2011

We've celebrated Tocktober Day since 2008 when Sweet Praline first began blogging. She had the floofiest tocks and Mom Paula always loved getting photos of Praline's backside and sharing with the Cat Blogosphere.

Tocktober began all those years ago to celebrate the birthday of Derby from Just Ducky. Derby left for the Bridge in 2014, but the Cat Blogosphere continues to celebrate this day with fun photos of cats' tocks!

The first photo was taken by Mom Terri before Brulee came to live with us specifically for Tocktober!  We think she had such a cute backside.  She has so much fur now and she makes it difficult for Mom Paula to get a good photo of her tocks.

Baby Truffle showing her tocks!
Baby Truffle showing her soft tocks - October 2011

Mom Paula was able to get this photo of Baby Truffle's tocks back in 2011.  Truffle was always moving and it was difficult to capture any photo of her, much less one of her tocks!

We hope you enjoyed this Flashback Friday with photos of us as kittens showing off our floofy tocks!

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  1. Oh my cat! Kitten tocks are the best! Smooches and purrs 😽

  2. You guys have got some terrific, fluffy, Tocks! And you are as cute as ever :-) Hugs to you.

  3. Floofy lady tocks! I love them. Thanks for cellybrating with us!

  4. Happy Tock-Tober to you all! My, those are seriously floofy Tocks. I think you have to win the prize in the kitten section of the Tock-Tober awards, MOL

  5. Hi to our favorite Fluffy Kitties. Wonderful Tocks Brulee and Truffles. We think we started our Tock Shots back in 2013 and were having such fun learning about all the kitty blogs. Purrs my friends we will get Dad to send in our info for Secret Paws asap

  6. Excellent tocks for the occassion😺Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞


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