Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Selfie

Brulee and Truffle want to remind everyone that today is the last day to enter our giveaway for the Go Fish! and the Kitty Zip Mat from the Jackson Galaxy™ Collection from Petmate®. 
Brulee and Truffle with the Go Fish!

You can enter the giveaway by visiting us here.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, and good luck to our US friends ! Purrs

  2. What lovely fish tails you have there... Now if they had a version called lets Go Mousing I'd be on it like a shot, literally. MOL
    A lovely double selfie this week, and you both look divine too, I hope you got to test the fishing game?
    Toodle pip and purrs

  3. That looks like fun Truffle and Brulee. And you two look beautiful!

  4. We love your yin/ysng pose on each side of the chair's legs!

  5. You both are being very good and not playing with the toy!!!!!


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