Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday

Truffle and Brulee are sitting anxiously by me at the computer to see if I am ordering anything online for them...
What do you mean I'm not getting anything?

Since we are featuring the 12 Days of Catmas beginning this week, the girls have plenty of items in the house for them. I doubt I'll purchase anything for them online today.  That is, unless I find a really great bargain!
Truffle decides she might as well take a nap while waiting for Mom Paula to shop

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  1. She is hoping that by the time she wakes up, you will have ordered something for them.

  2. Kitties always need more stuff for their humans to trip over. ;)

  3. I gotta get my shopping done too, before Dad gets home!

  4. The girls think you could find at least of couple of great deals today!

  5. TW is only ordering for Secret Paws kitties. Plus she just donated most of my stuff. Boooooo!

  6. The only thing the mom ordered today from on line was our holiday cards!

  7. My human only did shopping for my Secret Paws! She had a couple extra things she wanted to buy.


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