Thursday, November 2, 2017

Eating Deliciously with Tiki Cat® After Dark™ - #ChewyInfluencer

We've always heard there were some delicious meals when the humans went out for dinner "after dark" but we never knew what we were missing until we received the new Tiki Cat® After Dark™ Variety Pack as part of the Chewy Influencer program.
Truffle eating Tiki Cat After Dark cat food
Truffle enjoying the chicken and duck flavor of Tiki Cat® After Dark™ wet food

We've eaten wet food from Tiki Cat® in the past but all of the flavors had fish in them, so we didn't eat a lot of it. We were excited to find out Tiki Cat has some new flavors and proteins in the After Dark™ formulas and jumped on the chance to test it out when Chewy.com contacted us about October's Influencer program.

Graphic courtesy Tiki Pets™

What's even more enticing is Tiki Cat After Dark is available in a 6 flavor variety pack. We know human tend to get frustrated when they want to order a variety of flavors of wet food online so we don't get bored, but they usually must order a case of the same flavor. The After Dark™ Variety Pack gives us six unique and delicious formulas full of protein to thrill every carnivorous cat. Mom Paula always switches our proteins and flavors every meal to keep us interested in our food, so this variety pack helps to prevent us from becoming picky eaters.

Brulee eating her Tiki Cat After Dark under the kitchen table

The After Dark™ Variety Pack contains twelve 2.8 oz cans of food with six varieties: Chicken, Chicken & Quail Egg, Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Lamb, Chicken & Beef, and Chicken & Pork. We have to admit the Chicken & Duck was our favorite.

The Tiki Cat After Dark meals are carefully designed to mimic a natural prey diet with biologically-appropriate food that is full of vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition.The high protein and low carb formulas are good for our immune system and energy levels. These formulas are high in moisture, which helps us get the daily fluids we need.  There is a lot of liquid in these cans, so your human will need to open the cans over the sink to avoid spilling the liquid.  Brulee immediately lapped up all of the liquid when it was placed in the bowl.

The Tiki Cat® After Dark™ Variety Pack is available at Chewy.com at $19.93. What's even better is the the individual flavors are also available if you find your cat has a favorite in the variety pack.  There were a couple of the formulas we didn't like as much, so this would be a good option for us.    As always, if you purchase items at Chewy.com that total $49+, you receive free 2-day shipping.  The customer service at Chewy.com is awesome.

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