Thursday, November 16, 2017

Secret Paws Matchups

We've matched up everyone for Secret Paws and Mom Paula is trying to get the emails out to everyone.  She can't figure out if Truffle is trying to supervise or if she wants Mom Paula off the computer.  Either way, it's a little difficult for Mom Paula to get any work completed today.
Truffle blocking the computer monitor

Everyone should receive an email with his/her Secret Paw match ups by midnight tonight.  We'll also send everyone an email request for you to be an author on the Secret Paws webpage. We encourage everyone to sign up to be a guest author so you can post about preparing your packages and the receipt of your packages.  We had 42 participants from around the world this year. We strongly encourage everyone to read the guidelines for participating this year.  We strongly recommend shipping your packages through Priority Mail with tracking and make sure you review the dates recommended by USPS for shipping this holiday season. We also want to remind everyone of the importance of thanking the person who sent you your package.  

Truffle reminding everyone to keep an eye out on their email

Most of all, we hope everyone has fun!

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  1. Does everything look okay Truffle? ;)

  2. Truffle, don't listen to your human - I think you are a GREAT supervisor!

  3. Still waiting for you email, it's so exciting ! You're such a great helper, Truffle ! Purrs

  4. Hmmm...so far I didn't receive my email either......also...FYI: we blogged about the calendar yesterday catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. Both your girls truly put the "purrfection" in "Sweet Purrfections."


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