Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Since Mom Paula has retired, Brulee is slowly becoming a little "love bunny" and wants to be held. She still only wants to be held on her terms and only in the home office or in the master bedroom. Mom Paula doesn't care where it is because Brulee use to be a little standoffish. She is so soft to touch and when she's ready to be held, she melts into Mom Paula's arms.
Brulee in Mom Paula's arms

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RIP Jasper McKitten-Cat

We want to pause a moment to send condolences to one of our first blogging friends, Jasper McKitten-Cat. His human dad is the reason Mom began blogging almost 10 years ago. Jasper left for the bridge last night and he will be missed. We're sure Sweet Praline was there to greet him. May you Rest in Peace, Jasper. We know you were loved while you were here with us on Earth.

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  1. Brulee is a cutie. Very sad about Jasper.

  2. We too were very sad about Jasper. His blog was one of the first ones Sparkle started following, so many years ago.

  3. Brulee, you are a cute snuggle bunny! That really is sad about Jasper. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!h

  4. It's so sweet that Brulee has become a cuddly kitty. So sad that Jasper has left for the bridge.

  5. awwww - we love it when the snuggles kick in

  6. Awww ... Brulee is so sweet! I wish I had more pictures of my cats and I cuddling - but it's very hard to take a decent picture with a cat and a timer!


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