Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Respect Your Cat Day

We love all the special celebrations concerning cats and today is no exception. It's Respect Your Cat Day!
Truffle and Brulee earn my respect every day

We truly believe that all animals deserve respect because of the benefits they bring us on a daily basis through entertainment, education, and amazement. We know many friends who are owned by dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc., and they are comforted each day with their love, antics, and connections.

Truffle earns respect each day

We received an interesting comment a few days ago from someone who had found our blog. We were a little surprised when the person stated our blog was for rich people who were able to pamper their pets, so they were going to "unfollow" us because it wasn't for them. We want to assure our readers that we aren't rich in a monetary sense, but we are wealthy in abundance with the love and care Mom Paula gives us. Are we pampered? Yes, we admit it! Do we deserve it? Of course!

We've been with Mom Paula for almost seven years and we've been there for her on happy and sad days and we've helped her through some tough health days, too. Brulee tends to be the caregiver when Mom Paula has a physical illness and doesn't usually leave her bedside. Truffle is the counselor and knows how to provide comfort when life is a little tough. Truffle and Brulee are loyal companions each and every day and earn all the respect Mom Paula can give them.

Brulee maintains a watchful eye on Mom Paula from her Sleepypod®

What are some of the reasons cats deserve respect?

Cats are sensitive to the moods of their humans.

Cats can sense emotions of humans and know when they need to comfort them or stay at a distance. When a person is depressed, a cat may cuddle close to them and stay within close range. Research has shown cats can lower blood pressure and stress when people stroke them. 

Cats are entertaining

Cats may seem aloof and sleep a lot, but they can be so entertaining with their antics! Cats can amuse themselves with a piece of dust, a piece of paper, an empty box, or a cat toy. Watching them find ways to fit into a box, no matter the size, can truly make a person laugh out loud. Who needs TV when you have a cat (or multiple cats) to watch?

Cats are educational

Have you ever watched how easily a cat can relax? Cats can relax anywhere and in so many positions. Just watching cats sleep can help a person relax while watching their slow breathing and calm demeanors. Cats are alway alert to their surroundings and are able to react in appropriate ways to danger, playtime, or mealtime. 

Brulee and Truffle relaxing on their new Peggy Blankies

We are pampered, but we are also respected. Wikipedia defines respect as a "positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important, or held in high esteem or regard; it conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities; and it is also the process of honoring someone by exhibiting care, concern, or consideration for their needs or feelings."

The graphic below is the result of a survey conducted by National Today.com and shows some interesting information about how people spend time with their cats. We love how more people would prefer spending a quiet evening with their cats instead of their significant others.

We hope you have a great day with your wonderful felines today and show some respect with some extra treats, hugs, delicious meals, and love.

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  1. Hmmm, not quite sure what to make of that person's comment. Certainly their loss to unfollow. And you kitties deserve all the pampering you get! That "significant other" survey result is too funny. I guess people were just being honest!

  2. I've been following you for a while now, I didn't realize this blog was for "rich people". I wonder where they got that idea from? They're missing out on a great blog.

  3. You two are very special so ignore all rude humans, always!

  4. How could ANYONE not respect you ladies! I mean... really. How could a single soul ever not love you.

  5. Some people make the weirdest comments. We've had the same "you are rich with all your travels" and I'm thinking well ... no not really it's just that is where we prioritize our savings. And define rich? By what standard? Annnnnyyyyway .... we pamper and respect our wee boy and that's that. Very good of you to "respond" rather than ignore. Hey sometimes ... these comments can inspirer a post.:)

  6. Your cats are just so pretty. I love seeing their pictures. I know today is about cats, but I was just thinking about respecting my dogs this morning. All relationships need love and respect, even those with your pets. I have noticed my new pup Yoshi gets uncomfortable if pet him too roughly or toward his back end. While it is important that he is okay with a human touching him all over, I also think that it is also important to respect that he does not want to be petted in that way. He prefers slower sweeter pets, especially on his belly! I think it is similar with some cats. They enjoy being petted in certain areas more than others.

  7. That sure was a weird comment for someone to leave. Bet they were havin' a bad day or somethin' and just in the mood to lash out for no reason. I sometimes feel that way, myself. For instance... For instance, when I found out that today was Respect Your Cat Day and my peeps had planned absolutely NOTHIN' special to celebrate, I sure felt like givin' out a smacky-paw or two. MOUSES!

  8. Happy National Respect Your Cat Day! I agree that all living things are worthy of respect! While Truffle and Brulee do get lots of love and some very nice things, the emphasis of your blog is showing how wonderful they are. They bring joy, not just to Mom Paula, but to all of us who follow along.

  9. Such beautiful photos of you two cuties.

  10. What a great post with great information! Can you believe we didn't post about this day???

  11. What a weird reason that human had for unfollowing your blog. Not everyone can travel with their cat, like I do with my human on my blog, but even a human who can't afford to go away for an overnight can teach their cat tricks like I do, or enjoy all the trouble Binga causes me! Anyhow, happy Respect Your Cat Day, and I get a lot out of your blog that has nothing to do with money.

  12. Wow that's crazy that someone would make that comment! Respect your cat day is everyday for us cat lovers. Brulee and Truffle always know how to keep their mom happy and comforted. Enjoy girls! Wow I'm really surprised about that survey too. Who knew!?!

  13. That's so weird about that rude person who unfollowed your blog. Just ignore them. We know your blog is all about the love and respect you and your Mom have for each other, and that is awesome. Hugs!

  14. What a strange strange and rude comment. Our mom isn't rich and she still says that she loves your blog and we do too. Our sister Kyrie is a fluffy cat and we love your fluffy girls. We love the photos of the girls on their blankets <3

    From the gang at https://angelicclowder.wordpress.com/

  15. Honestly, what drives some people to make the comments they do? Sheesh. I agree how we are rich because of how much our pets en"rich" our lives. She is unfollowing you? Her loss. Your blog is so insightful and inspiring and your babies are beautiful! I had no idea it was Respect Your Cat Day. I think my adopted feral knew though...I came home to him snoozing on my front lawn! I like the idea of the nap together...naps are good. :-)

  16. Some people are really quick to judge!

    We love your blog :)

    Great post. Cats are amazing and deserve respect every day!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  17. You ladies are worthy of a lot of respect--all pets are! It's great that you both take such good care of your mom :)

  18. Humans can be petty and rude. We've met your meowmy in purrson and can say with sincerity that she is warm, friendly and down to earth and this blog is all of that and more! You look gorgeous on your blankies, it looks rather cosy and inviting. Can we come over for some catnip tea? Just don't invite any rude persons.

  19. If being rich means pampering your cat, the Cat Blogosphere is full of rich people, MOL ! Happy National Respect Your Cat Day ! Purrs


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