Thursday, April 19, 2018


Mom Paula was so thrilled when Brulee finally came out from the back of the house today and she could see her and talk to her through the Pet Cube.
Brulee on the Pet Cube

The photo is a little blurry, but we were happy to see her out and about because the pet sitter said she'd been staying in the office in the back of the house. The played with the laser and responded to both Mom Paula and Coryelle.

No update on Truffle today...

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  1. How nice to see Brulee out and about! I hope things are well with Truffle. I imagine they are, if the vet hasn't called... but they should call anyway because I know you are concerned with how she is doing. My human would be worried too.

  2. Good going Brulee, Mom Paula will be home soon.

  3. Glad she decided to come out. I am sure she is lonely and worried with out her sister.

  4. That's a really great product! Definitely need to check out one of these. Happy to see Brulee came out from hiding, I'm sure that Mom will be home soon!
    World of Animals

  5. I'm glad Brulee felt comfortable enough to come out from the back of the house. I'm sure Truffle is fine too.


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