Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday Morning Blues

Unfortunately, Truffle had to go back to the vet again today.

Truffle inside her Sleepypod® on the way to the vet

We told you a little bit about her situation on Sunday, but wanted to give you an update.

We thought Truffle would be almost completely recovered by now and playing around and messing with Brulee, but this isn't the case. Mom Paula noticed last Monday (April 9 that Truffle appeared to be uncomfortable, so she wanted to get her to the vet to make sure her incision was healing like it should. Dr. Boyette (vet surgeon) was in surgery so he couldn't see Truffle, so Dr. Strom saw her that afternoon. Mom Paula had already talked with Dr. Boyette on the phone earlier that morning and he said he was going to give Truffle 3 more pain pills (Onsior) to help her feel comfortable and to help with the healing. Truffle was very calm with Dr. Strom and didn't appear to be in much discomfort. Mom Paula was pleased that Truffle was eating the prescription dry kibble (Royal Canin SO). In fact, Brulee was also eating it.

Truffle being comforted by Mom Paula at vet on Saturday

Mom Paula was able to take the onesie off of Truffle on Thursday and Truffle appeared to be great both Thursday and Friday. Mom Paula noticed Truffle being a little more careful when getting down from the footrest or top of the suitcase Friday night. When Truffle came on the bed to get her morning treat, Mom Paula turned her over to check out the incision and was horrified to see it swollen, red, and sticky. She immediately called the vet and they asked her when she could get there. Mom Paula said within 15 minutes and off they went. Truffle had lost about 3/4 of a pound since her surgery, her temperature was slightly elevated (but still within normal range), and she was very sensitive to Dr. Strom touching the area around her incision. Dr. Strom voiced concern that is could be a seroma or a rejection of the internal stitches. He recommended a new antibiotic (we forgot to write it down before taking it back to the vet today) and some warm compresses for the next couple of days and to bring Truffle back to see Dr. Boyette Monday.

Here are some photos showing the difference in the incision site from April 9 until April 14.

Truffle's incision site on April 9 and April 14

Mom Paula didn't think to take another photo today before going to the vet. To be honest, she was so darned stressed about what is happening with Truffle and leaving for BlogPaws that she can't think straight.

Truffle's incision site looks much better today. There appears to be no drainage, but there is still some swelling. Truffle wasn't as sensitive to touch near that area as she was Saturday. Dr. Boyette was pleased to see the progress and said the antibiotics must be working. He said that it could be there was an opening where the drainage occurred that allowed bacteria to get in and cause an infection. He wants to monitor the incision for a few days and continue her on the antibiotics. He told Mom Paula that he wanted to do everything he could to avoid opening her back up again to remove the stitches.

Dr. Boyette holding Truffle

Mom Paula told Dr. Boyette she was scheduled to leave for BlogPaws tomorrow morning, but was considering paying extra (a lot extra) to fly out on Wednesday instead. Dr. Boyette recommended letting Truffle stay at Cherokee Trail while she was gone so they could monitor her more closely. Mom Paula was relieved, but cried as she was leaving Truffle at the hospital. Mom Paula went back this afternoon to take Truffle some wet food, prescription dry food, treats, nip nanner, medication, some Tomlyn Pill-Masker (this stuff is great!), and one of her Peggy Blankies. The young lady watching Truffle told Mom Paula that Truffle was curled up in her Sleepypod® in her cage. They took the top off so Truffle could use it as a bed. 

Brulee will be at home by herself without Mom Paula or Truffle for the first time since November 2011. The pet sitter assured Mom Paula she'd give Brulee some quality time and Grandma Faye also said she'd come over and give attention to Brulee.

Please keep all of us in your purrs, prayers, and good thoughts.

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  1. That poor sweetie, we're sending non-stop purrs and prayers to dear Truffle.

  2. Poor Truffle! But we know she’s in a great place and will be well taken care of. Don’t worry, Mom Paula!

  3. I'm purring for all of you - Truffle especially! When I see you at BlogPaws, maybe I will purr in person too.

  4. We send lots of purrs to Truffle(and you)
    She is in good hands and so is Brulee.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. That's too bad everyone will be separated for a while but it sounds like they will both be in good hands.

  6. I'm sure both girls will get excellent care. We're continuing to send lots of purrs and prayers for all three of you.

  7. Purrayers and POTP for all of you - sounds like the girls will be in good hands. I know it will be hard forMom Paula to relax and have fun but I hope she can.

  8. Sending loves to both girls and hugs to all three of you.


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