Monday, April 2, 2018

Results of Vet Visit

As we stated Friday, Mom Paula took Truffle back to the vet. We honestly thought Truffle had some fur blockage, but weren't prepared for the results of the x-rays.
Truffle on the warming pad in the examination room

The vet came back from getting the x-rays and said she knew what the problem was and it wasn't good news...

The next words were "Truffle needs surgery." Those of you who know what Mom Paula experienced in the past with Sweet Praline and Beignet can imagine what her first thoughts were - CANCER! Thankfully, she doesn't have cancer, but the x-rays show stones in her bladder and one appears quite large. There are several small ones in the bladder, too. Mom Paula tried to remain calm in order to get information from the vet, but she did end up crying when the reality of the situation hit her!

The vet said a different vet (Dr. Boyette) would do the surgery and she needed to check his schedule. Dr. Boyette is the original vet who examined the girls when they were kittens and is really great with cats. Mom Paula was not only concerned about Truffle needing the surgery, but when it could occur because she will be at BlogPaws in three weeks. Dr. Cash said she would call Dr. Boyette to see if he could perform Truffle's surgery Monday. Dr. Cash explained the situation to Dr. Boyette and he said he'd rather do the surgery Wednesday because he had some more complicated surgeries on Monday. Dr. Cash gave Truffle an antibiotic shot (Truffle hissed) and said to watch her and as long as she was eating and drinking water, she should be okay. Dr. Cash said Truffle will need to go on a special diet the rest of her life, but she wouldn't begin it until after her surgery. We understand there are two types of stones, so we won't know what type of food she'll need yet.

Truffle resting on the foot rest near Mom Paula this weekend

Truffle has been pretty calm and clingy this weekend. She is staying near Mom Paula (more than usual) and even climbed into her lap Saturday night. We were pleased to receive a message from Coryelle Kramer that she'd read about Truffle on Facebook and was talking to her. Coryelle said Truffle had felt some stress when Mom Paula was out of town (we suspected this) and right before the vet came back in with the results of the x-rays, we received another message from Coryelle:
"There's something else in the lower bowel. It's irritating it and obstructing but I think it will pass on its own. It's just moving slowly and blocking up the works."

Within a minute, the vet walked in and told Mom Paula about the stones. The stones weren't in the bowel, but there was something there and Truffle was trying to communicate this. Coryelle has been so supportive and sends us messages stating she is sending healing to Truffle. Coryelle definitely has a gift and Mom Paula can't wait to meet her at BlogPaws this year.

There's a lot more we'll share about Truffle's surgery, recuperation, the type of stones, the treatment and special diet over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we appreciate your special thoughts, prayers, and purrs. 

Brulee is also acting differently. She definitely knows something is different...

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  1. Poor Truffle - I can only imagine how awful those stones must be making her feel. I'm sending LOTS of healing purrs her way.

  2. We send our biggest purrs to Truffle!
    We are keeping our paws crossed for her too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. We are sending you and Truffle all our best prayers, purrs, and everything for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  4. We are all sending non-stop purrs and prayers to dear Truffle and lots of hugs to you.

  5. We're purring that all goes well for Truffle. We know how stressful this must be.

  6. Truffle is in my prayers. That was very kind of Coryelle to communicate with her for you. XO

  7. You know we have the purrs and prayers going here! For you and Auntie Paula!

  8. We send Truffle tons of healing purrs, and we cross our paws that everything goes well for the surgery. Coryelle is amazing, and it's so kind of her to have sent messages to Mom Paula. Purrs

  9. Oh dears! I wish I could come over and snuggle up to you and purr into your ears and tell you not to be scared with worry. I'm so-o glad that the V-E-T has figured out what is wrong and have a plan to make my silver belle furr-iend feel better and continue to shine. XOXO -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  10. I send love and purrs to all three of you.

  11. How good that you have a communicator in touch with Truffle, and a vet who knows the girls already !
    Purrayers and POTP for both of the girls and Mom Paula !

  12. sending love and healing light to both you and your sister and mama Paula

  13. How scary for Truffle and all of you. Though this sounds fairly straight forward, no one wants to see their furbaby ill, in pain or needing invasive treatment. You can bet we'll be purring and sending lots of POTP to Truffle, and Mom will add her to her prayers list. 🙏🏻💗

  14. Getting that kind of news about your dear sweet cat must of been scary. Wishing Truffle and the rest of the best. Daisy Mae sends her purrs and meows too. Will pray for you.

  15. We are in high purr alert and hoping everything goes well!

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