Friday, April 13, 2018

Road Tripping with a Cat

We're sure everyone has taken a road trip for a vacation, meeting, or to visit friends and family. Have you ever taken a road trip with a cat?

Traditionally, very few people have travel with their cats when on trips, but this is changing in the cat world.

We have several blogging friends who take their cats out to local restaurants, stores, hiking and canoeing trips, and road trips. Mom Paula wishes she'd worked with us when we were younger so we could go on road trips with her, but she was so busy with her day job that it didn't happen. The only place we really travel is to the vet. We're going to feature a three-part series on going on a road trip with a cat to BlogPaws during the next few days.

Photo courtesy Random-Felines.com
Chanel in her Sleepypod® at home

Guest - Jeanne Kudich, Random Felines

Next week, a large number of cat bloggers are traveling to Kansas City for the BlogPaws conference. We decided to feature one of our cat blogging friends, Jeanne Kudich, from Random Felines, to provide helpful hints for taking cats on road trips because she always brings foster kittens and/or cats to the conference and she does this traveling by herself!

This year Jeanne is bringing her youngest cat, Chanel, with her to the conference. She said the challenge of preparing for a conference which requires two extra days on the road is not only packing human stuff, but supplies for Chanel. Jeanne begins by making a list of what she needs to take on the road and she jokes that based on the list, Chanel is traveling with more stuff than Jeanne. Jeanne says the list helps her remember what should be packed and helps alleviate some of the stress of trying to remember everything. 

Clear box with cat supplies
Photo courtesy - Random-Felines.com
Clear box contains necessary cat supplies


To help with packing the cat supplies, Jeanne uses a medium-sized clear container and adds items to it slowly in order to get ahead of the packing. After all, Jeanne needs to take stuff for her to wear to meetings and the banquet, too! Jeanne's current list includes:

  • Litter
  • Litter boxes (yes, plural!). She purchased disposable litter boxes from Nature's Miracle, which she's used successfully in the past.
  • Scoop
  • Food
  • Dishes for food and water
  • Treats
  • Towels
  • Paper Towels
  • Trash Bags
  • Zipper Bags (for litter box cleaning)
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Collar with tags
  • Harness and leash
  • Sleepypod® carrier
  • Stroller

Photo courtesy Random-Felines.com
Chanel in the True Violet Sleepypod® Mobile Pet Bed at home


Jeanne stresses the importance of traveling with your cat(s) in a safe enclosure, such as the Sleepypod® Mobile Pet Bed. Chanel is already comfortable in her Sleepypod because Jeanne keeps it out at home and Chanel (along with the other cats) uses it as a bed. Jeanne likes the Sleepypod because it's safety-tested and buckles into the seat through the seatbelt so she doesn't need to worry about it shifting in the car. Jeanne takes Chanel out in public all the time and usually has her in the Sleepypod and she's very comfortable in her little home away from home. 

Jeanne will also use a cage in her car when they need to stop on the road so they can eat and use the litter box. This allows Chanel to stretch her legs safely inside the car. Jeanne also carrier a pet stroller to assist with carrying Chanel around when outside of the car. We'll share more information next week about the actual road trip with Jeanne and Chanel.

Checklist courtesy Julie McAlee from Cats Going Places

Printable Packing List

Jeanne co-writes with Julie McAlee (Cats Herd You) on a new blog called Cats Going Places, which is designed to help people who want to travel with their cats. Julie designed the above graphic, which readers can download a printable copy from the blog and she gave us permission to share it on our blog. We never thought about the paperwork one may need when going on a roadtrip with a cat. We encourage everyone to read other tips from Jeanne and Julie on traveling with cats.

Next week, we'll share photos, stories, and tips about actually traveling on the road with a cat. 

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  1. This is such an informative post! Although I am not going to BlogPaws this year, it's still great to be prepared. I am such a fan of using lists to help me get organized so this will be a life saver. Have fun at the conference and thank you again!

  2. My human can't wait to meet Chanel - and Cupcake too! - when we go to BlogPaws! Jeanne is a very experienced cat traveler. My human remembers the kittens she has brought to previous conferences.

  3. Great post! We've definitely road tripped before, but not with any of our cats. The extent of their road travels is to the vet and back. But this is a very handy packing list to have just in case!

  4. What a great printable! I do know people who travel with their pets - not just fellow pet bloggers so I will pass this on to them! I have always wanted a sleepypod but had no idea until now that it can buckle safely into the car! WOW! I just keep learning more and more cool things about Sleepypod!

  5. My wife and I have road tripped a time or two with our dogs; it can be difficult to find places that are willing to accommodate them.

    Also, I didn't know they made disposable litter boxes!

  6. Great info and I love the look of the packing list - so easy to read. I've traveled a lot with my cats but only by air. I think my cats would have presented too much of a challenge!

  7. Great post ! The list is really helpful ! Purrs

  8. Yep, we're too old for such travels. The only one that might like it is Sister Seal. Jeanne always has a sweetie with her at BlogPaws.

  9. We have that vibrant violet SleepyPod and we're so glad we do! The color is gorgeous. The only time I've traveled with my cats is moving from house to house - so this post told me a bunch of stuff I didn't know! We hope Truffle is doing okay ... she's been in our thoughts.

  10. I'm pretty sure Mr. N travels with more than his weight in things! Many of the items we pack are similar but Mr. N has more gear and clothes and toys to take.

  11. Reminds me of the lists I had for going camping with our guys. Long list of dog stuff; couple small bags of people stuff. :-)

  12. Looks like they have everything covered! Safe travels to Chanel.

  13. Love the lists for traveling with your cat! I always find lists super helpful when packing! Can't wait to read about the experience of traveling with a cat to the conference! Thanks for the helpful tips! :)
    -Rebecca, Delightful Dapple

  14. This is great! You’re right about needing to start with cats as kittens to acclimate them to traveling places other than the vet. My guess is with training and exposure at a young age a cat would be just as happy and welcome as a dog in pet-friendly places. Hopefully with posts like this and the leadership of the cat blogging community, we will start to see more cats out and about!

  15. Very informative post! Mom Peggy so wishes she were going to Blog Paws as she grew up in Kansas City.

  16. That's a very helpful printable list. I wish Kilo fit in the Sleepypod as I just love them. Unfortunately he doesn't travel very well but maybe a "home away from home" like that would help. I took his whole big crate last vet trip but it was not secured and awkward. Hope to see you again soon at BlogPaws. S

  17. I love how organized she is. A list is definitely helpful. I won't be at BlogPaws however have traveled in the past with both my girls. Once with my first cat Precious on a 500 mile road trip up the California coast and the other with my cat Dusty about 60 miles one state over. Being prepared definitely helps and pays off. Save travels!

  18. So nice to include a printable packing list! The Sleepypod looks like such a great way for cats to travel. They are elegantly designed. Chanel will be traveling in style!

  19. What a terrific list so many of them apply to traveling with dogs too. Shasta slept in his sleepy pod but never got the chance to use it to travel. He'll be passing it on to our next furry family member.

  20. I would love to take Okica on a road trip sometimes. I am not sure how she would handle it though. That packaging list is really helpful if I ever decide to try it out :D

  21. My mom used to visit my sister for half the year and take her cat with her. Packing up things for Emma was a big part of the preparations! Since her cat wasn't a fan of traveling, she would get some sort of Dramamine (for cats) from the vet.

  22. Thanks, Paula. This is so helpful and I love your travel list! My cat has only traveled during moves or to the vet. :( He's now a pretty brave kitty, so maybe I should try an adventure. Thanks for the confidence.

  23. I love this road tripping idea with cats, why should dogs have all the fun? This is a super helpful list for beginner cat parents and I love how beautiful the sleepypods look apart from being functional

  24. I love the sleepy pod! I’m definitely going to recommend it to my cat owning friends. A few dog people are becoming cat people as well! They’ll love the tips.

  25. I loved our sleepy pod. But then we found that the round shape wasn't airport friendly. It just didn't sit on the hip or at thigh level without having to hold it away from the body. And we travel carry on only so never have a cart. So we switched. Tip thought: Take the base, remove a shaggy cover from a decorative pillow, place over sleepy pod base.... most awesome pet bed ever!


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