Friday, June 29, 2018

National Camera Day

Today is National Camera Day! 

Cameras have come a long way since Mom Paula was a child. 

She remembers the cameras with film inside that you had to send off to be processed and then you had to wait for a couple of weeks for the photos to come back to you. Sometimes, none of the photos turned out, so you didn't have the memories on paper and you lost your money. She remembers how excited they were when the first Polaroid instant cameras came out and you could have a photo printed directly from the camera immediately. Although, you needed to wait a minute or too and then peel off the backing and hope your black and white photo came out. Then an instant camera was released and the photos came out of the camera and developed into a color photograph in front of your eyes. 

Mom Paula was a yearbook sponsor when she taught middle school and that's when she purchased her first SLR camera, but she still had to use film to capture the photos. She's gone through several types of camera and remembers how expensive and bulky the first digital camera were and how difficult it was to transfer the photos to the computer and print them out. Now, we have smart phones and we can see the photos immediately and if they aren't "quite right" we can use photo editing software to get that "purrfect" picture.

What type of camera do you use to capture photos?

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  1. The Dad remembers those too. We use a Canon DSLR or the iPhone camera lots too.

  2. You girls and Mom Paula make the whole picture-taking process seem effortless. Of course, I mean, look at the stars!

  3. I remember sending out film :)

  4. Cameras have come a long way in just the last decade, too! I have a DSLR but most of my blog photos are actually from my iPhone.

    1. Ours, too! Even though Mom Paula has an expensive Nikon.

  5. My human has run the gamut with cameras over the years. She loves digital, although it did take a while for it to be good enough to satisfy her.

  6. Sure hope both Truffle and Brulee feel better soon.

  7. I remember as a kid having a Kodak camera that used a film cartridge and flash cubes (now sold on eBay as "vintage"). Once, on a school field trip, I accidentally took a picture of myself and was upset that I'd wasted both film and a flash. Now I have a DSLR and don't worry about that anymore!

  8. My dad has a collection of different types of cameras and knows how to operate all of them well. Mom uses two cameras and knows how to operate them sort of. Tee hee hee. Purr-ayers for you to get well.

  9. I used to develop and print my own film. I even bought it in bulk and rolled it into the cartridges. My dad gave his Canon F1 in 1988 and I was hooked. I sold all my film cameras in 2002 and went digital. I just ordered a new DSLR today for my birthday that is coming up. This is it if you are curious https://amzn.to/2tTAiCe.

  10. Our mom remembers the 110 cameras! She used to take SO many pictures the people in the developing place knew her. She wants to try an SLR camera, but she doesn't know how to use one. Right now we have a Canon point and shoot - and her phone.


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