Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Selfie

Brulee is definitely taking it easy today. This miniature cat tree is where she likes to take naps and supervise Mom Paula when she's working on the computer.

Brulee resting on the cat tree

We apologize for the low quality of the photo, but the light was behind Brulee (a big no no!) and Mom Paula wanted to capture the photo. Brulee also needs her face cleaned and her fur groomed. She's been a little stubborn the past few days. Today was also the day for our Revolution treatment, so we're not too happy with Mom Paula. We did get some extra treats, though!

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  1. What a cute selfie, Brulee. No need to apologize for the photo.....

  2. Brulee, we think you look lovely, as always. Good supervising of Mom!

  3. At least the extra treats were a good thing!

  4. An enchanting image none the less. I guess it's not stubbornness just purrfection, well thats what I would say, and we cats do like the perfect time to do things and to do things in our own time MOL
    Toodlepips and purrs

  5. Happy belated birthday, Truffle! Brulee, you look very comfy! Happy hugs today to both of you! - Tom

  6. That is a beautiful selfie, Brulee! You look really comfy up there :)

  7. I am thrilled to enter in the hope of a Cuddle Clone. Thank you for the opportunity. I would choose Admiral. xx

  8. She always looks so regal. (blowing kisses for her) I understand her woes, 'cause I don't like it when Mom gives me treatments either. I got one for wormies a few weeks ago. EEK!

  9. I think there are times when you just take the darned picture. You have something not a regret.


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