Thursday, June 21, 2018

Take Your Cat to Work Day

There are a lot of special celebrations on the calendar for today: Summer Solstice, National Selfie Day, and Take Your Cat to Work Day. Brulee wanted to combine all three of these days together to show you what a day in her life can be.

Brulee_Printer_Cat at work
Brulee  helps monitor the printing

Brulee thinks her daily routine needs to be shared with the world because everyone thinks she just sits around, waiting to be pampered and adored!

Brulee's job is to monitor the print jobs to make sure the ink is fresh, the paper doesn't get jammed, and Mom Paula completes all required documents and contracts for the day. She must be very careful to avoid getting her long tail caught in the printer.

Brulee is the #ChewyInfluencer for June
Brulee becomes the taste tester for the #ChewyInfluencer cat food for June

After the printing and paperwork is complete, it's time to be the taste tester for the June Chewy Influencer program. This month she's sampling the Instinct Minced Chicken Recipe and thinks it's pretty good. Brulee wishes she could avoid the pawparazzi while she was eating, but accepts this is the life of a beautiful diva kitty.

Brulee in front of computer monitor
Brulee checking the dates on the calendar and helping with posting

After all of the photos are taken, it's time to get on the computer for editing and posting. Mom Paula is also trying to complete some work for the Cat Writers' Association in her new position as Vice President, but Brulee wants the focus to be on her. Brulee helped with developing a survey, editing photos, posting some Memory Graphics on the Cat Blogosphere, and putting today's post together. That's a lot of work for one pampered Persian Cat.

Brulee napping in the cat tree
Time for an afternoon nap

After all of the work, Brulee decided it was time for her afternoon nap in one of the cat trees in the office. Mom Paula purchased two identical cat trees that are chair height and placed them beside her chair in the office so she could let us be close to her. Brulee loves to take her naps in one of the trees so she can be close to Mom Paula when she's working.

Mom Paula: I had so much to get done last night and today and Brulee was into everything!!! She insisted that she belonged on either the printer or in front of the monitor. When she wasn't there, she wanted to be held or fed treats (I keep a treat jar on the desk). I could finally get some work done when she settled down for her nap and then Truffle began the process...

I'm so thankful to have these two beautiful cats in my life, even if they are a challenge to get work done at times.

How did your cat help you with work today?

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  1. Brulee, you are doing a darn good job sweetie and I know how much Mom Paula appreciates it! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Such hard workers :) They are gorgeous girls too. XO

  3. I think you're doing a wonderful job, Brulee. I know your mom thinks so too.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your mom. ♥

  4. Hi Brulee! My mom didn't take me to work but you were very helpful with your mom today!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Spike William

  5. We cant do Take Your Cat To Work Day because he is retired, but also because the 3 of us walk the keyboard too much at home, so he closes the door on us when he has ta do serious stuff (you wouldnt belief the typos and weerd keyboard shortcuts we can cause). But you sure do look lovely around the computer!

  6. Brulee, you are one hard working kitty!

  7. Someone really earns their tasty treats don't they :-)

  8. In the past, both Parker and her sister Midge have printed test pages on my printer. In fact, they figured it out on my old one before I did.

  9. You girls sure work hard to supervise your human! And I can tell she appreciates it about as much as mine does.

  10. Brulee works harder than I do! Bear hasn't done it for a while, but he used to love getting all up in the printer's business - I joked that he was trying to catch the little fast typing elves. Or course, he also digs the light on the scanner ... "help" liberally defined.

  11. I know my silver sweet furr-iend is otherwordly in her beauty, gifts and abilities, so it doesn't surprise me that she wants to show off her business etiquette and combine holidays for efficiencies sake! Tell Miss Brûlée I like to "optimize" the computer too and inspect the print materials. Tee hee hee. Kiss kiss. -Valentine

  12. Ha, Brulee's hairdo in the second-to-last photo made me giggle! Our cats love to either sit in front of my laptop or lay directly on it.


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