Thursday, July 19, 2018

Meow for NomNomNow

We've tried a lot of cat food during the 6 years of being adult cats with some successes and some failures. We've eaten canned food, wet food from pouches, freeze-dried food, frozen raw food, and kibble. We've never eaten freshly-made food developed by a certified veterinary nutritionist until now.

Brulee eating NomNomNow in her Dr. Catsby bowl
Finicky Brulee eating her Chicken Chow-Meow recipe from NomNomNow

Mom Paula remembers the type of food she feed her first cat over 40 years ago. The food came from the grocery store and was basic kibble and little research was known about appropriate nutrition for cats. The knowledge-base and research on appropriate nutrition for cats has come a long way, especially during the last decade. We're turning this post over to Mom Paula to talk about a new homemade cat food from NomNomNow.

Life used to be easier when I just walked into a grocery store and bought cat and dog food. I didn't know much about pet nutrition and admit to still being quite confused. I'm a member of several pet groups on social media where people talk about what one should feed their cats. There are some people who believe there is only one way to feed cats and it's their way. I know that cats are obligate carnivores. According to Wikipedia

"Obligate carnivores, or "true" carnivores, are those carnivores whose survival depends on nutrients which are found only in animal flesh. While obligate carnivores might be able to ingest small amounts of plant material, because of their evolution they lack the necessary physiology required to digest that plant matter. "
I didn't learn about obligate carnivores until a few years ago, so I've always tried to find food for my Persian cats where the first ingredient was an animal protein. There are many out there who promote raw feeding, but I'm not ready to do that with the girls. I've tried frozen raw food and both girls turned up the flat little faces and walked away. I rarely cook for myself, so I don't have the motivation (yet) to cook for my girls. So, my option is to find the best recipe possible to feed that girls that they will eat. I've tried to avoid grains as much as possible, but Brulee is my little finicky cat and she prefers kibble. There are a few brands, flavors, and textures Brulee will eat, but she usually wins the battles when it comes to eating what she wants to eat. Truffle will usually eat anything, but because of her recent surgery to remove bladder stones, I'm monitoring her diet more closely. Truffle has become finicky with the prescription food, so I've talked to their vets about working with a certified veterinary nutritionist to find something Truffle would eat that could keep her urine more acidic and more dilute. My prayers were answered when NomNomNow contacted me about their new cat food.

What is NomNomNow?

NomNomNow recipes in box
Two recipes for cats: Fancy Fish Feast and Chicken Chow-Meow

NomNomNow began in Oakland, CA in 2015 and makes fresh-to-order food each week from whole, restaurant-quality ingredients. The food is delivered fresh (never frozen) to your home. The meals are cooked weekly in NomNomNow's local FDA-compliant kitchen by Chef Michael Roddey. The meals are individually proportioned, based on the specific nutritional needs of your pets, following the recommendations of Dr. Shmalberg.

Formulated by a Certified Veterinary Nutritionist

Truffle eating NomNomNow Fancy Fish Feast
Truffle eating the Fancy Fish Feast

One of the major things that impressed me about the cat recipes from NomNomNow is the fact it is formulated through the assistance of a Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, Dr. Justin Shmalberg. Dr. Shmalberg is one of less than 100 board-certified specialists in small animal clinical nutrition in the country. Dr. Shmalberg is currently a Clinical Associate Professor and Service Chief, Integrative Medicine at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. When I was contacted by NomNomNow to try out their new cat recipes, the first thing I asked was the ability to give this food to Truffle in order to lower her pH and dilute her urine. I received the following response from Dr. Shmalberg:
"High protein diets like ours can be a great choice for cats with higher pH in their urine, because, in some cases, the protein can help to neutralize their urine, and the high moisture content can help to dilute it. That said, before starting your pet on any new diet, we strongly recommend checking with your vet to see if it's the right fit."
I did talk to Truffle's veterinarian about feeding this food to Truffle since her pH levels have still been high, even on the prescription diet foods. My veterinarian wasn't 100% in support of feeding this food, but he was open to trying it because of the input from Dr. Shmalberg. You can watch the video below to learn a little more about Dr. Shmalberg.

Fresh Food Individually Portioned

I can't tell you the amount of wet food I throw away each day. Truffle and Brulee are small Persian Cats and they don't eat much. Brulee usually takes a few licks and walks away, while Truffle will eat more and nibble later. When you set up a profile for each of your cats (or dogs), NomNomNow packages the food based on the individual profile.

Truffle is ready to eat her individually portioned Chicken Chow-Meow food

There are two recipes of cat food that were recently formulated: Chicken Chow-Meow and Flavorful Fish Feast. All of the food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats using fresh ingredients. 
  • All food is human grade
  • All natural vitamins
  • All recipes meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements
  • Recipes are made from only a handful of ingredients: meat, vegetables, healthy oils, and a vitamin and nutrient blend.
  • No additives or artificial ingredients
  • Individually portioned meals to suit your cat’s caloric needs

Information about each of the recipes for cats is provided below (NomNomNow webpage)

Chicken Chow-Meow
Even your pickiest feline friends will be purring for more of this protein-rich recipe, which is full of ingredients to keep their eyesight razor sharp for stalking.
Chicken thigh, breast and liver: Tasty source of protein, vitamins, and minerals (iron, copper, vitamin D)
Asparagus: Excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including potassium to keep your cat’s heart healthy
Carrot: Beta carotene serves as an antioxidant
Spinach: Superfood that boosts the immune system and strengthens the digestive system
Cantaloupe: Packed with beta carotene, potassium, amino acids, and antioxidants—plus that melon flavor cats can’t resist
NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend

% of calories

Flavorful Fish Feast

A blend of tilapia and salmon, this recipe is packed with omega fatty acids to keep your kitty’s coat healthy—and leave them with soft, shiny, silky fur.
Tilapia: Protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids for a luxurious coat
Salmon: More omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals—plus a tasty flavor cats love
Beef fat: A source of choline and unsaturated fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin
Yuca: Calcium, vitamin C, and minerals galore for strong bones
Carrot: Beta carotene serves as an antioxidant
NomNomNutrient Mix: Expertly formulated nutrition blend
Grams*% of calories

Setting Up Profile

This food isn't bought off of shelves or from coolers/freezers in a pet store or online. Since the food is freshly prepared and packaged for individual cats, you need to set up a profile on the web page before ordering.

Screen shot from NomNomNow webpage

The first thing I had to to was give the name and species of my pet. Next, I was asked to provide the current weight, the targeted adult weight, and the birthday for Truffle. I was then asked to select the desired recipe for Truffle. I chose the chicken recipe since I don't feed much fish to the girls. NomNomNow will send some samples of all recipes with your first delivers, so you'll have an idea which recipe your cat prefers. 

I received the food within days and it arrived in an cool, insulated package. When I opened the box, the food was very cold. You are advised to use the food within 8 days or freeze it. 

Special offer – limited time only

Get 20% off your first order, 

which includes samples of all the recipes

Review from Sweet Purrfections

I was interested to see if the girls would eat this food. I chose the Chicken Chow-Meow for the first taste test. It was obvious the food was freshly made without fillers and liquid. I did add some water to the food because of the way Brulee eats with her tongue and to add additional water for Truffle's bladder issues. Truffle had become so finicky since her bladder stone surgery and isn't eating as much, but as soon as I put this down for her, she dug in. The real test was with Brulee. As you can tell from the video below, my finicky little Persian cat loved this food.

Brulee didn't like the Flavorful Fish Feast recipe, but Truffle also enjoyed it. Even though the pouches were individualized for Truffle's age and weight, she still doesn't eat as much. I split the individual bags between Truffle and Brulee and there is still some food remaining in their bowls. I've decided to give them less food at a time and give them some more later in the day. At first, Brulee only ate a few bites, but she eats more each time she eats it. I haven't gone 100% on this food with the girls yet. Brulee is so finicky that I need to keep a variety in her food and we're still battling the pH levels and concentrated urine with Truffle. 

This is definitely a food I would like to feed the girls on a regular basis. I want to talk with Dr. Shmalberg a little more about Truffle's nutritional needs to avoid future bladder stones and hope to share this information with our readers in the future.

Care-grade Guarantee

Brulee and Truffle with a bag of Chicken Chow-Meow
Brulee and Truffle enjoy the Chicken Chow-Meow

"Care-grade" (adjective) is "going above and beyond for our pets because it is time to be the pet parents they think we are. Every meal is prepared, delivered, and served fresh, perfectly portioned for your pet's unique calorie needs. One bag. One meal. Rip. Serve. Enjoy." NomNomNow's Care-grade guarantee is: 
See the difference a fresh diet can make after 30 days of eating NomNomNow. If you don’t, we will buy your pet's next diet ($40 limit).
You can learn more about NomNomNow by visiting their webpage and following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. It looks like it must be pretty tasty!

  2. That's great that the girls liked it! It sounds good.

  3. We've heard good things about this food for dogs, didn't realize they have it for cats too. That is great! I'm sure you love it!

    1. That's where we originally heard about it. Many of our dog blogging friends appear to love this food. The cat food is pretty new.

  4. That does sound good but they really should disclose some sort of pricing without having to complete a profile, even a range would be nice.

  5. Oh darn, I forgot to say thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. Looks like Brulee is really enjoying that Chicken Chow Meow! It sounds like excellent food.

  7. We're glad you girls like this food. (We're trying it too...so far, we're not big fans...but the mom is going to try to introduce it to us slower.)

    1. We're taking it very slow! Sometimes we only eat a couple of bites. We're still alternating our food recipes.

  8. Now, this looks yummy! I would probably need to be introduced slowly, cause I'm a little picky, it does look yummy. We're glad you girls are enjoying it.

    1. We're taking it very slow. Even though Brulee likes the chicken, she only eats a few bites and still prefers her kibble.

  9. That sounds like a great food ! It looks yummy ! Purrs

  10. Thanks for the review. The food looks really delicious and looks like a dinner a human would eat. We the the photo of Truffle with wide open eyes looking like, alright open that bag already. The food we give now has been a big turn around, then it was forty years ago. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  11. Very interesting. Not sure Laila would eat it though. Great review!

  12. Paula this was a fabulous review! Cody (and Dakota) reviewed it early June and Cody has been eating it ever since.........Cody absolutely LOVES IT!!!!! I love it too! (well, I didn't eat it, but i LOVE how fresh it is, etc. Cody immediately took to it!)

    1. Thank you. Truffle likes it the best so far, but both Brulee and Truffle like more of a variety of textures and flavors, so I don't know about a 100% switch. I do like the food.

  13. Wow. That protein content is incredible. Bear's a grazer so I don't know about 100% switch ... but I'd love to give it a try!

    1. Truffle and Brulee are also grazers. They do like a variety, so I don't know if there will be a 100% switch, but it is good food!

  14. Furr-st of all, that was a grr-eat review, Miss Paula, Truffle and Brûlée! Mom throws a lot of moist foods away too. She says I'm very picky. I just know what smells good and what doesn't and if I can't smell much then I'm not interested. I don't like raw meals, freeze dried or frozens - been there done that - I don't like! But hmm... I might just have to try this new food you mention. With a name like Nom Nom then maybe that means something! Mom says thanks Miss Paula for answering Mom's question even before she asked it when you mention that the food ships in "cool, insulated pack." That is something that most pet food companies don't care to do. Hugs and kisses.


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