Tuesday, July 24, 2018

National Tell an Old Joke Day

We love these weird and funny celebrations on the calendar. Today is National Tell an Old Joke Day. Who doesn't remember the "Knock Knock" jokes and the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke? 

Brulee and Plush Clone Truffle
Brulee reacting to the Cuddle Clones® Plush Clone Truffle telling a joke

We thought this photo of Brulee looking at the Cuddle Clone® Plush Clone Truffle was a perfect representation of the reaction people get when they hear an old joke.

We hope everyone has a great time telling and listening to those old funny jokes today. What are some of your favorite jokes? (keep it clean)

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  1. MOL - that joke made my human groan!

  2. MOL! I haven’t heard that one in ages :)

  3. Love the look Brulee is giving Plush Clone Truffle.

  4. MOL! That's a good one...and actually a new one for us!

  5. That was sure giggle-worthy girls!

  6. I think she's still skeptical of the "clone." Tee hee hee. But she knows that there can only be one true sisfur Truffle.

  7. Hope all went well with Truffle.

    Love the joke! hehe


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