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Staying Hydrated with a Pet Fountain

July has been named Pet Hydration Month. We've share numerous photos over the years of Truffle and Brulee drinking from one of the pet fountains throughout the house. Now that Truffle had the surgery to remove bladder stones, having plenty of fresh water for her to drink is extremely important to help her avoid developing future stones.
Truffle with fountain and box
Truffle presenting the Pioneer Pet® Big Max™ Pet Fountain

Did you know that 80% of a cat's body is made up of water compared to 55-60% in a human?  

Cats (and dogs) need to drink one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day.  It's important provide proper hydration each day to maintain their health and avoid trips to the vet. Getting proper hydration can help
  • prevent urinary tract infections and urinary disease
  • aid with energy levels and temperature regulation
  • speed recovery time from sickness or surgery

Providing Appropriate Hydration

Truffle and Brulee are both around 8 pounds, so they need 8 ounces of water each, every day. What can a pet owner do to ensure her cat gets enough water on a daily basis in order to stay healthy?
Baby Truffle with water bottle
Even as a kitten, Truffle enjoyed fresh and cool water

Truffle has always enjoyed licking the condensation off of my cool water bottles, even as a kitten. Both Truffle and Brulee were exposed to different types of pet fountains as kittens in their previous homes, so thankfully, the movement of the water of sound didn't frighten them when they came to live with me. Not all cats (or dogs) like pet fountains and it's important for the pet owners to find ways to provide appropriate hydration since water is such a vital component of all cells and an essential nutrient for life. Pet parents should take everyday measures to promote hydration and prevent dehydration.

  • Provide clean and fresh water with the same level of purity you'd drink. This means that water bowls shouldn't be sitting around all day for multiple days where microorganisms or toxins can cause mild to severe illness. We've read where many people only give their pets bottled water to drink. We know our water at home is filtered, but with Truffle's bladder stone issues, I'm considering using only bottled water in the pet fountains. Some people will add ice cubes to the water bowl during the summer because of the intense heat.
  • Feed your cats a moist diet. There are many thoughts about what an appropriate diet is for cats. Whether you feed a raw, freshly cooked, canned, or kibble diet, it's important to ensure the food provides appropriate hydration. If your cat will only eat kibble, consider adding water to the bowl each day to provide additional hydration. 
  • Minimize the time your cat spends in the sun and extreme heat. We've had temperatures in the 90s-100s with 100+ heat index lately with more on the way. Truffle and Brulee do not go outside, but I make sure there are plenty of places for the girls to be cool. Truffle likes to rest under the bed near the AC vent and Brulee prefers resting on the cool tile of the bathroom floor. If your cat does go outside, make sure there are places he can get out of direct sunlight and easy access to plenty of water is made available.
  • Use pet fountains to promote your cat's curious interest in drinking. I said earlier that Truffle and Brulee were exposed to pet fountains since they were kittens. I have multiple pet fountains placed throughout my house for the girls to have easy access to water. I've intentionally placed a fountain beside my bed and the chair in the living room so I can monitor their consumption of water. I always feel better when I look over and see them drinking from the flowing water.
  • Provide alternatives to water when cats are ill. Cats are known for not eating or drinking when they are injured or ill. Recently, when Brulee was so sick and was hospitalized for 4 days, she wasn't eating or drinking. One recommendation to encourage your cat to drink is by giving them broth or tuna-water cubes that can be made with tuna juice and some water. Pour the tuna-water mixture into ice cube trays and freeze them overnight. The coolness and smell of the tuna may entice your cat to get some hydration. 

Pet Fountains

As we've said earlier, cats are notorious for not drinking enough water, so pet owners may want to consider purchasing a pet fountain to encourage the intake of water.
Truffle on chair with pet fountain
Truffle getting used to the new Big Max™ pet fountain from Pioneer Pet®

We've read where many cat owners have said their cats like to drink water that is running from the faucet into the sink. It's not really convenient or economical to let the water continuously run all day. A pet fountain may provide the satisfaction for the natural curiosity cats find with running water. A pet fountain usually has a filter of some type to remove bad tastes and odors from water and catches large particles and debris from recirculating back into the water. There are several types of fountains you may consider using with your cat (or dog).
  • Free falling stream of water from a spout. This type of fountain most closely resembles the stream of water from a faucet.
  • Flow of water over some type of structure. This type of fountain tends to mimic a stream of water flowing through a mountain creek over rocks. The water is moving, which tends to entice cats to drink.
  • Bubble-up. These fountains tend to bubble upwards similar to an underground spring. This water is circulating, which keeps it fresh and enticing to your cat.
Truffle and Brulee have experienced all three types of fountains that were made from plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. They prefer the types of fountains with an actual stream of falling water or the gently flowing over a type of structure type of fountains. They were not attracted to the bubble-up type of fountains. I've chosen to stick with ceramic or stainless steel fountains because there is less tendency for bacteria to form because there is a less likelihood of scratches that happen with plastic fountains.

Pioneer Pet® Big Max™ Fountain

Brulee and Big Max Fountain
Brulee drinking from the top level of the Big Max™ Pet Fountain from Pioneer Pet®

We received a new fountain from Pioneer Pet® to review this month. The Big Max™ Pet Fountain satisfies multiple needs and desires of Brulee,Truffle, and Mom Paula. The pet fountain is available in three colors/textures: white ceramic, black ceramic, and stainless steel. We chose the white ceramic because it blended in with the decor of our home and Mom Paula liked the sturdiness of the ceramic fountain. The fountain is great for Brulee because there is a large bowl at the top where the water bubbles up and a larger basin at the bottom where her flat face can drink water without getting all wet. Both Brulee and Truffle like to drink from the flow of the water over the dome. The motor is very quiet (the noise you hear in the video below is the ceiling fan, not the fountain). The Big Max holds over a gallon of water and is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Big Max Fountain is large enough to use with both cats and dogs. Some of the key features are:
  • Circulating drinking water is naturally appealing to your pet
  • Replaceable charcoal filter for clean and pure, healthy water
  • Dishwasher safe, heavy-duty ceramic construction allows for easy cleaning
  • Using ceramic drinking bowls helps to prevent feline acne
  • Extra Large drinking area to accommodate any size pet
  • Continuously filters water
  • 128 oz Capacity
The fountain was extremely easy to put together. You will need to place the bowl in the location you want it to rest before putting the water in the bowl and placing the dome cover on the top of the pump because the dome isn't attached to the bowl. There are only 6 pieces to put together: ceramic top flow bowl, pump filter housing, ceramic basin, power cord, pump, charcoal filter.

Truffle and pet fountain parts
Truffle investigating the parts of the fountain

Another recommendation we'd like to share with our readers is to be patient with your cats (or dogs) when putting the fountain in its location. We have 5 totally different fountains throughout our home. There were times I believed the girls weren't drinking from the fountains, but the water was going down each day and eventually I'd catch one of them drinking from the fountain. I'm sure your fur children would enjoy drinking from this fountain!


We're excited to announce that Pioneer Pet® agreed to allow us to host a giveaway where one of our readers has the opportunity to win a Big Max™ Pet Fountain for their pet(s).  No purchase necessary. The giveaway is open to residents of the United States (48 continental state), 18+ years, except where prohibited by law. The giveaway will run from July 16 - 24, ending at 11:59pm ET on the 24th. One winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter (powered by Random.org) and notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the prize and a new winner will be randomly chosen. To qualify for the giveaway, a comment must be left on our blog post.  Other entry options are available after a comment is left.  

Please check your email and be sure to add sweetpurrfections@sc.rr.com to your address book! Good luck!

*Special note: you may receive a fountain that is a different color than the one shown.

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  1. Oooo! That's a nice fountain! We have one too...not that one...so that's how we stay hydrated.

  2. I keep water inside and out to keep them hydrated

  3. Nothing and I feel bad because I Know it’s important especially since my one has to get a bag of sub q fluids every three months

  4. I keep extra water bowls around during the hotter months, add more water to their wet food, and offer frozen tuna treats

  5. We were looking at fountains this weekend. This is one of the ones that we are seriously thinking about buying.

    1. I have 2 bowls that I wash and fill daily for my crew.

  6. Lots of water! Plus ice cube treats in the hot weather.

  7. We use 2 big ceramic dishes and sometimes get ice cubes

  8. I keep 3 large dishes down with fresh cold water and I add ice cubes on the really hot days.

  9. We have a couple of fountains, but could always use another, especially with the hot, dry weather we've been having! I love this one, it looks especially nice for the Persian girls.

  10. To keep my cats hydrated, I clean their bowl daily and make sure it has fresh waster. I also feed them canned food that contains a lot of moisture.

  11. I make sure to keep her water dish full all the time.

  12. Iza LOVES drinking water. We actually worry about her sometimes. The other two of us, not so much. The canned food has lots of water. ~ Marley

  13. Great review, and great advice ! We don't have a fountain anymore, but we have fresh bowls of water at different places in the house, and we eat canned or raw food. Purrs

  14. We keep water bowls through the house with fresh, clean water.

  15. We have our little fountain and our favorite water dish that is always topped off. Plus, because Ichiro is not a big fan of drinking, Mama always adds a bit of water to our wet food.

  16. We have several bowls around the house including 2 fountains... there is water everywhere!!!

  17. i have 2 water bowls in the house and check them often. they also love watermelon, which is very refreshing. sometimes i give them doggy ice cream. i also put kefir goats milk in their food.

  18. My furbabies love their drinking fountains but we've had pool problems with finding ones that don't leak after time. That looks like a really nice one that I know they would love to use

  19. At this point we have about 6 stations of water bowls spread throughout the house, the porch and garage. We check them daily and on the really hot days we add icecubes. Plus they get tuna juice and wet food to keep them hydrated

  20. What a cool fountain! Our mom always worries about us drinking enough water is this heat.

  21. What a gorgeous fountain! I love the sound of ours - it's so relaxing. And Ellie truly prefers drinking out of a fountain (Bear? Only when it's not running!). We'd love to try this one.

  22. We have a fountain, but it is not as nice as this one. I also have several glass bowls around the house for them.

  23. I keep multiple bowls around the house (and even on the back deck for the dogs for when they go outside). Keeping up with not only keeping them filled, but keeping the water clean and fresh can sometimes be a full-time job. We have three dogs and three cats, but right now have two additional cats staying with us (my daughter's boyfriend took a job in Chicago and got an apartment near us, only to discover bedbugs, so they are staying here until they can find a better place). Since the cats often drink from the same water dishes the dogs do, I worry about how clean the water is. Not to mention, the cats prefer moving water. This would be a godsend for our house.

  24. That's a really nice fountain! Gracie really likes the one we have here. Ava is learning to drink from it, too. :)

  25. 8 cats. 4 boys and 4 girls. One boy has chronic cystitis. Trying to find a fountain that they ALL like!!! It's summer and HOT with no a/c so we need to make sure they stay hydrated.

  26. I would just love to win one of these fountains. We keep water dishes filled for Daisy Mae and even give her multiple ice cubes through the day. I could use one of these fountains. I hope I win.

  27. My cats were always pretty good about drinking water but Mini preferred drinking running water from the tap. My dog Jack is not great about his water intake, and he doesn't get anywhere near the recommended amount. Perhaps he would find this fountain fun! I entered the giveaway so who knows...

  28. Have water bowls all over the house and when we are out I have her water bowl plus extra. Having lived in Israel most of my life I am very aware of becoming dehydrated LOL so am extra careful especially with Layla

  29. How cool my cats love to drink from a water fountain and this one that you are giving away looks amazing I bet Truffle loves it! I keep water bowls but I really like the fountain idea.

  30. The importance of hydration can't ever be overstated. These fountains and like products are an ingenuine way of making sure there is always fresh water available and encourage drinking.

  31. We love our Pioneer Pet Fountain is really is the best for any cat. The moving water is a big temptation for Harvey who, as a senior, really appreciates his water.

  32. That's a beautiful fountain! It's so important to keep pets hydrated, especially in the hot humid days of Summer. We've started adding some bone broth to my dogs food for extra moisture & nutrition.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  33. I carry a water bottle on walks and I'll sometimes put treats in his water to try to get him to drink. He eats food with a lot of moisture too.

  34. Great idea, we have two water bowls in our house, the water is changed daily and we use filtered water. I love that the water fountain has a charcoal filter in it, a water bottle that I use for myself has a charcoal stick in it to clarify the water, its supposed to be good for your digestive system too!

  35. for us the preference is drinking off the shower floor! LOL we do have bowls for when no one is home. I would Love a fountain but I need one that is rechargeable or battery operated. i have a "thing" against seeing wires... plus puppy teeth. I'm always disappointed that they need to be plugged in. I mean what if you don't have a plug in the spot you want to put it?

  36. We love fountains! This looks like a cool one.

  37. That's a nice quality fountain. I know my cat Dusty used to love moving water over standing water. It always enticed her to drink (or even play with the water with her paws). I like that it's versatile for both cats and dogs too. Good luck to the participants.

  38. I haven't tried a water fountain for my dog. I don't have a cat. Buffy tends to "tank up" a few times a day. I think at the age of 9, and being blind, it would be hard for her to get used to a fountain. I change her water dish every time I feed her, and change the upstairs water dish daily. She tends to have gunk that collects in her jowls and gets the water kind of gross. I might try a fountain when I get a puppy in a few years.

  39. That looks like a nice fountain! I think my dogs would like something like this, but I'm not sure.

  40. What a wonderful fountain. I've been thinking about a fountain for Luna, especially since she has had struvite stones in the past, I'm always thinking of new ways she might drink more water--for a long time she was happy to let me give her 20 plungerfulls of water daily. Then she stopped liking having water squirted into her mouth, but she liked drinking from the glass of water I set on the night table-- so that's what she enjoys drinking from most right now. It would be fun to try a fountain and mix utility with recreation. Thanks for the opportunity to win a fountain, Paula. I hope your fountain helps Brulee drink more water, too.

  41. I have one dog that would drink from a fountain and another who would be a little apprehensive. I recently updated our water bowls to accommodate my big dogs so they don’t have to bend down so much. I was thinking about adding a third bowl somewhere in the house to keep the hydration going. A fountain like this one might be a good choice!

  42. My cat has kidney issues so I go out of my way to make sure he has fresh water and is hydrated. I make sure his bowls are cleaned and changed everyday.
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net


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