Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Selfie

It's Sunday and time to take it easy. Mom Paula has a lot of work to do for the Cat Blogosphere, our blog, and a presentation for an upcoming South Carolina Gamecocks event. We think we'll just sit right in front of the computer so she'll pay attention to us.

Brulee and Truffle in front of computer monitor
Brulee and Truffle

We have a few announcement and giveaways coming up this week, so we hope you'll come back to visit!

You can see more Sunday Selfies at The Cat on My Head.


Only 2 days left to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a Pioneer Pet® Big Max Fountain™. We are impressed with this beauty and functionality of this fountain. 

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  1. It is so nice of you girls to help your mum with her work by sitting on her desk ;) MOL!!
    Mum was working on a treasurer's report for a group she belongs to and Julie stole her comfy chair ;)
    Have a great day girls.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. MOL, I'm not sure how your human is going to get anything done.

  3. It looks like you two are controlling how much work your Mom does!
    The Florida Furkids

  4. Beautiful selfie. Thank you to your mom for all the work she does in the blogosphere. XO

  5. You two are pretty darn smart, and pretty too!

  6. We hope Mom Paula can squeeze in some time for you girls.

  7. How dare she not devote all her time to you?!?

  8. So smart, you two. Mom Paula HAS to pay attention to you when you wit there. :)

  9. That is a lot of work, I thought your staff had retired to tend to your every need? Great job keeping the paperwork in order, ladies, I'm sure your staff will appreciate the support, MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  10. What a beautiful selfie of you two beautiful girls!

  11. Here's a knock knock joke for everyone. knock knock who's there? kno-ah kno-ah Who? know a good place eat? Didn't know about this fun holiday.

  12. I do the same thing to try and get my mom's attention. In fact the other day I told her that she was done for the day when I sat on the computer and wouldn't get off. Tee hee hee. It is hard to believe that you two weren't feeling well for a long while, 'cause your beauty hid it so well. It makes my heart flutter in happiness that you are feeling better. Winky winks.


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