Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Truffle's Gotcha Day

I remember the excitement and the anxiety I felt on this day - 7 years ago. It was the day Truffle was coming to live with me and be a part of the family.

Truffle: Then and Now (2011 and 2018)

I've shared Truffle's Gotcha Day story for the past seven years and each year, that day becomes more and more special to me.

Truffle was born June 2, 2011, just five weeks after I lost Sweet Praline to Cancer. I was so impressed with Terri's cattery and how all of her cats were a part of the family in her home that I knew this was where my next fur children would come from.  I was able to visit Truffle three times before she came to live with me.

Visiting Truffle

Visiting Truffle during the summer of 2011 prior to her coming home to me

First Visit

The first time I visited Truffle was right after she'd been to her first veterinary appointment for a checkup. I had the "pick of the litter" so I needed to see which kitten would choose me! I'd already admired Truffle's photos Terri had been sending me the first 7 weeks of Truffle's life. Normally, potential adopters would visit around 6 weeks of age, but one of Terri's queens was expecting her first litter of kittens and had to be rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital and lost the kitten and had suffered a lot of trauma (she ended up being okay), so I had to wait a few days before visiting. When I first arrived (with butterflies in my stomach) all five kittens (from two different queens) were asleep on the floor.

Truffle was the first one to wake up.  She came right over to me and began playing.  After I played with her for a while, I picked her up and she immediately fell asleep in my arms.  Terri's mouth dropped and she called her husband over and said, "She's never done that with anyone, not even me."  This was the exact same thing Sweet Praline did the first day I met her, so I knew this was a sign that Truffle was meant to come home with me.  Just look how relaxed she is!!! Terri also told me that other families came to visit the kittens after I left and Truffle stayed away from them because she already knew who her mom was going to be.

Second Visit

The job I had that summer required me to travel across the state visiting our colleges and universities. There were two universities in Charleston, SC that I was working with on grants at that time, so I took advantage of crossing the Cooper River Bridge to Mt. Pleasant to visit Truffle and Beignet (Truffle's littermate). I was able to carve out some time to visit the kittens again. I stayed approximately 3 hours that afternoon - playing and loving on Truffle and Beignet. For the first time since April, I found myself having hope again for a new fur family in my life, and I smiled a lot!

Third Visit

This was the difficult visit because Beignet had already had his first surgery to remove a lump that formed on his side. We didn't know that it was cancer yet, but I wanted to go down and make sure he was okay, so my mom went with me for the two-hour drive to Mt. Pleasant on August 20, 2011. A quote from my blog in 2011:
I visited with Truffle and Beignet yesterday and they get more adorable every time I see them.  Beignet was playing around as if he had never had surgery!  Truffle was her curious self, but as soon as she got in my arms, she fell asleep again!  I took bunches of pictures with my better camera (Canon Rebel EOS) and they turned out so much clearer!

Both Truffle and Beignet played with my mom and me like nothing had happened. We found out on Monday that Beignet did have cancer - suspected Vaccination-Associated Sarcoma (VAS) - as a result of his first vaccination. This only happens in about 1% of cats vaccinated. Unfortunately, as I shared last week, Beignet didn't make it through his second surgery (August 23). Terri and I talked at length through our tears about her keeping Truffle a couple of extra weeks to make sure she is okay, especially after her second vaccination in the kitten series. Truffle stayed with Terri until September 4.

Truffle's First Day Home - September 4, 2011

Gotcha Day

Normally, I would have driven and met Terri halfway to pick up Truffle, but Terri decided she wanted to bring Truffle all the way to my home. Terri and Truffle had gotten pretty close since losing Beignet and I remember being a little apprehensive that Terri would keep her. Terri told me she was afraid I would want Truffle anymore since we'd lost Beignet. We both worried about nothing.

I remember being so nervous that day. Would Truffle be okay? Would she like me? Would I be a good cat mom? After all, it had been almost 16 years since I'd had a kitten. I took several days off of work so Truffle and I could get to know each other. She hid the first few days, but it wasn't long before she was sleeping on the pillow next to me and staying underfoot everywhere I went in the house (I almost tripped several times). Once Truffle overcame her shyness, she was into everything. She was curious about everything and still is. The two of us lived alone together for two months before Brulee came to live with us. Truffle and I had a connection from the first time I met her at 7 weeks of age. I'm so glad she chose me!

If you'd like to read more about Truffle's Gotcha Day, you can type in Truffle's Gotcha Day in the "search" box in the upper left corner and read previous posts.

Truffle getting into mischief on her first day home

Happy Gotcha Day Truffle!

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Truffle. I remember when she arrived into your home and your visits to her beforehand.

  2. Happy gotcha day to Truffle! That first photo of her asleep in your arms is SO precious. <3

  3. Can't beat that gorgeous silver-shading! Happy Gotcha Day, Truffle!

  4. T'was ... still is, always will be ... a purrfect day!

  5. Happy Gotcha day Truffle. I sure remember when you came to live with Paula. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. Such a sweetie! Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Truffle!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day, Truffle!! We love hearing your story.

  8. Happy Gotcha Day, Truffle. We are so happy to be able to read your wonderful journey the last seven years. Thank you mom for sharing these great stories from the first time you met, to falling asleep in your arms, and the first days at home with you. Hope you all have a fun day of celebrating. Thanks for the wonderful share.
    World of Animals

  9. Happy Gotchaday Truffle. You're so bootyful. You got lucky with awnty Paula. We know ya'll luv each other bunches and bunches. Have a pawsum day. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, Truffle! You cuddled yourself into a great home.

  11. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Truffle! XO

  12. Loved seeing these photos of Truffles as a kitten. Happy Gotcha Day!

  13. Such a sweet post. Happy Gotcha Day, Truffle!

  14. Silver ball of kitten luv you were Truffle in those photos and you grew up to be a beautiful, sparkly diamond! Hugs and luvs and Happy Gotcha Day be-au-ti-ful doll furr-iend. Winky winks. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews

  15. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Truffle ! Purrs

  16. Happy gotcha Day Truffle!!
    We don't get your posts any for some reason. We miss them.
    Have a good weekend.


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