Saturday, November 24, 2018

Caturday Art

Brrrrrrr! It's cold outside! We know many of our friends live in climates where they have very cold weather in the fall and winter, but here in the South, we think it's cold if it gets below 60 degrees. It's been in the 30s in the mornings and up to the 50s during the day. We're staying inside beside Mom Paula as she sips on hot chocolate and watches the Hallmark channel.

Brulee using the Snowflake border and Frost Art Effect in LunaPic; Snowball effect from PicMonkey

We used two different programs for our Caturday Art creation today.

We thought we'd take you through the steps of our Caturday Art Creation today.

1. Here is the original photo I took of Brulee last night. It's a beautiful photo of Brulee, so I thought I'd be a little different this time by beginning with a photo that looked great from the beginning.

Brulee - November 23, 2018

2. I opened the photo in LunaPic and selected the Snowflake Border under the borders tab. I almost stopped with this effect because I loved it! However, I wanted to be a little more creative today and see what I could do to illustrate how cold we felt the last couple of days. So I began searching different effects in LunaPic.

Brulee using the Snowflakes Border in LunaPic

3. I clicked on the Effects tab and found Christmas Effects. There were several effects in this section and I chose the Frost Art. I thought the result was what I was looking for but I wanted a little bit of color in the piece.

4. The next step was to open the piece in PicMonkey, which is my favorite photo editing program. The first thing I did was to go to the Touch Up section and add some green back to Brulee's eyes and some red to her nose. 

Adding some color to Brulee's eyes and nose through the Touch Up tool in PicMonkey.

5. I liked how this added some color to the photo, but there was still something missing, so I began searching in the Themes section and clicked on the Winterland section and found the Snowfall effect which resulted in our Caturday Art creation today. I like how the shadows of the effects make it look like Brulee is looking over a mountain slope (the leather chair) with the cold and frost around her.

Final Caturday Art Creation

This was fun. It shows that you can play around with various effects and get an amazing result if you keep experimenting.

Have fun creating your Caturday Art today and hop over to Athena Cat Goddess and join the Caturday Art Hop today.


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  1. This has come out really well, and I like the added colour for her eyes and nose.

  2. Brulee the snow princess is beautiful! Hot chocolate and Hallmark channel sounds like a wonderful way to stay warm and happy - good suggestion.

  3. Really pretty! I like the snowflake border version of the original too

  4. That's really cool and fancy art!

  5. Your art is pure purrfection! And cocoa and the Hallmark Channel sounds pretty amazing too :) (To answer your question, we used the Pho.to app on our art today.)

  6. We like the art pics :)
    Good thing to cuddle up when it is cold.
    That's what we are doing too :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  7. Brrr! That is very chilly art! I though it worked out really well!

  8. Brrr. It looks furry cold - although Brulee is beautiful, as always. A veritable Snow Queen (mol).
    And yes, We also think below 60 degrees (we assume you mean Fahrenheit) is COLD.

  9. Wow they are all stunning. Our Mom has been drinking Peppermint Coffee during our cold spell.

  10. Wow what a grr-eat variety of effects you found Miss Paula and they all complement each other so well. Brûlée looks like she's wrapped in a cozy blue velvet blankie as it is snowing all around her in that artsy photo. Nose kisses.

  11. Wow, this is gorgeous! You really are talented with photo effects. I love the result.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  12. I just got shipping notice that my planner is enroute. I should have it Tuesday. Can’t wait!

  13. I love seeing all the cool effects you use! And by the way, jealous of your weather. We have freezing rain today in Wisconsin.

  14. Staying in and sipping hot chocolate sounds like a great way to stay warm in colder weather.

  15. Very nice wintery art for a cold day. I live in Montana and it was about 12 degrees here today. Thank you for sharing your art and cats with us.

  16. Brûleé's arty wintery icy photo really depicts what we had last week, the coldest November on record! Hot chocolate sounds just about right!

    We can't wait for our calendar to arrive, it's on it's way!

  17. Burr, this effect makes me chilly, but it sure is pretty! We are up here in IL so we definitely know about cold weather! Ruby doesn't like the cold much and often refuses to go on walks if it is too cold.

  18. I love this! What a lovely pic you've ended up with. I'll be checking out LunaPic for sure.

  19. I love learning about new effects. It is for sure chilly here in northeastern PA, but it was 50 something today. I will play around with this filter for sure. Your Brulee looks gaw-geous ;)


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