Thursday, November 1, 2018

Truffle and Brulee's Visit to the Vet

It's that time of the year again and both of us took a trip to the vet last Friday for our six-month Wellness checkup.

Brulee (left) and Truffle (right) in the car before being buckled safely in their Sleepypods®

The day began like any other normal day with Truffle and Brulee jumping on the bed to greet Mom Paula as she woke up and to get their morning treats. Mom Paula stayed in the bed a little longer that morning...

Before the girls knew what was happening, Mom Paula grabbed both of them in her arms and they knew something was amiss immediately! It didn't used to bother the girls getting into their Sleepypod® Mobile Pet Beds because they are always out and they tend to rest in them at times. However, since both of them have been very ill this past year, they are associating the carriers with the vet. I'm working on getting them comfortable in the carriers again, but it will take some time. 

It was raining outside, so I had to quickly (as quickly as a human can walk with a torn meniscus in her knee) walk to the car and place the Sleepypods on the seats and buckle them safely in. Luckily, the vet is only about 10 minutes away, depending on the traffic. 

Truffle (left) and Brulee (right) waiting in the lobby before being taken to an "cats-only" examination room

Both girls are on a Wellness Plan with Cherokee Trail Veterinary Hospital now, so they go every 6 months for a wellness checkup which includes the following:

Well Plan Benefits
  • Two Physical Exams
  • Any needed vaccines
  • Four Nail Trims (non-sedation)
  • Twelve Doses of Heartworm / Flea Prevention (one 6 pack at sign up and another 6 months later)
  • One Full Wellness Profile*
    • Chemistry Panel (22 tests)
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Thyroid Test
    • Urinalysis
    • Intestinal Parasite Exam
    • Heartworm Test
*For Cats, a “Feline Mini Wellness Panel” (CBC, Chem Panel (9 tests), Intestinal Parasite Exam, FeLV test, FIV test)


Truffle being combed with a flea comb to check for fleas

Truffle was the first to be seen. In additional to her wellness checkup, she needed her 6-month follow up examination from her bladder stone surgery. Truffle weighed in at 7.8 lbs which showed her weight was back to where it had been before the surgery. Dr. Boyette took her vitals and everything looked great. Mom Paula mentioned that she saw a flea on Truffle about 2 weeks ago (the day the Revolution treatment was due), but hadn't found any since. However, Truffle has been scratching like crazy. Dr. Boyette examined her closely and combed through her fur looking for evidence of fleas and found none. He said she was probably reacting to some bites, similar to what Mom Paula went through when she was recently bitten by a fire ant. Dr. Boyette recommended giving Truffle a steroid shot (Depo-Medrol Injection). He then took Truffle back to do an ultrasound and to withdraw some urine for a urinalysis. He came back with a smile on his face and said Truffle's pH level was down to a 5 which was great! Her pH was staying around 7 all summer. The specific gravity of her urine was still greater than 1.050. There was a trace of protein in her urine compared to 30 mg/dL in July. He saw no evidence of stones or blood. We were very encouraged by these results and he said to continue feeding her what she was eating and to try to get her to drink more water. Mom Paula told him that Truffle always immediately goes to the water fountain to drink after eating. She asked him what Brulee's concentration was six months ago and it turns out hers was the same. He said they get more concerned with the specific gravity when a cat has had bladder stones.

Mom Paula was checking out and scheduling the next wellness checkup when the receptionist told her that Truffle was due for her rabies shot. She had no idea and guessed she'd forgotten about the wellness checkup since Truffle had been so sick. Dr. Boyette came back out and got Truffle to take some blood and give her the rabies injection (state law in SC). They gave Mom Paula a bottle to bring back a stool sample for examination. Truffle also got her next six months of Revolution. Even though the weather is cooler, we are still having warm days and lots of bugs since two hurricanes came through. The results of the bloodwork, the urinalysis, and the stool sample were all excellent!


Brulee being examined by Dr. Boyette

Brulee thought she was going to the vet just for the ride, but soon found out it was time for her 6-month wellness checkup. When Mom Paula put her on the table, Brulee immediately climbed onto the scales and settled down. Too bad the scales hadn't been reset for weight yet. By the time Mom Paula picked her up and the reset the scales, Brulee was restless. She weighed in at 8.4 pounds. She is a little heavier than Truffle, which makes sense, because she has that cobby body (Truffle is more petite). Brulee had her wellness checkup and everything looked good, even her teeth. She wasn't due any shots or blood work this visit, so her examination was basically painless. She received her 6-month prescription of Revolution and was ready to go home.


Brulee and Truffle back to normal

I was very pleased with this visit. Dr. Boyette only charged for the steroid injection Truffle received. He did not charge us for the ultrasound or urinalysis. Everything else was covered by our wellness plan. This was a great relief since I'd spent well over $4000 the last few months on the girls. I'm thankful I had the foresight to purchase pet insurance through Trupanion when the girls were kittens, so I've gotten back almost 90% of the money I've spent.

As always, Dr. Boyette was very good with the girls. He talked to them and he spent the time answering my questions. We had a new vet assistant this time - Kristin - and she was wonderful with the girls. She said, "we rarely see Persians in here" and spent a lot of time snuggling with the girls. Truffle won her over almost immediately and Brulee was ready to get back in her Sleepypod after the examination. My girls!!!

Since I took both girls to the vet, both had the same smells and things settled back to normal quickly. They ate, drank a little water, took a nap, and got back to wrestling again. All is well at home - for now.

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  1. It's awesome that your vet has this plan. I wish ours did! I am taking Tylan in for a checkup later today so we have a baseline for the insurance when they need it later on (they don't require his medical records until I file a claim). I am glad I could purchase insurance on him. If history is any indicator, I will get a lot of use out of it as he ages!!

    I'm really glad Truffle and Brulee are doing well and hope they continue to stay healthy.

  2. I'm glad they're both doing well. I love the photos. Brulee's little face made me chuckle.

    Our vet has a 'vac4life' plan, which includes 6 month check ups and all the booster vaccinations. It's good to get them seen every 6 months just to make sure nothing is amiss.

  3. How wonderful that the checkup were good for both of your sweeties, way to go girls!

  4. Hey sweeties, thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  5. Your vet sounds pawtastic!! Our mom is still looking for the purrfect vet for us and can't find one. We're all lost without Dr. P. We're so glad the girls are ok.

  6. I am glad all is well, especially Truffle's ph levels.

  7. I'm glad the girls both had good checkups, and that Truffle's pH levels are so much better!

  8. We were happy to read that both checkups went really well. They look like they are back to their old self's play fighting in that last photo. Thanks for the share. We are very glad they are both healthy and having fun. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  9. We're glad they both are doing well. Purrs

  10. They are just too adorable!! I have to say they look extremely well behaved, not like how my cats used to be when they had to go. I had 5 and one was a bigger nightmare than the next!! You were smart to get pet insurance, something I've never had because I always get old animals. When we adopted Jack he was quite young so I mentioned pet insurance to my husband, who is completely against insurance because he's convinced it's all a scam. We figured we'd finally have a healthy dog because he was younger, we didn't bother and then he became paralysed and it cost us $7,000 in vet bills!

  11. Glad to hear Truffle doesn't have fleas and her PH is coming down! Pet health problems are so scary. :(

  12. They are so beautiful! When I first looked at the photo of Truffle (in Vet tech's arms), I did think she looks so tiny. Interesting that you shared the reason she is smaller than her sister. Glad they're back to normal. Hopefully back to resting in their pods again, soon.

    1. Both of the girls are a lot smaller than they look in photographs! Everyone who meets them in person is shocked at how small they are. They look big because of their fur.

  13. So glad both girls are back to health, and happy. Such purty kitties! Love the pictures, too.

  14. Am so happy to hear they are both healthy,it such a relief when your vet says all is good, as I am sure like me you went home with a big smile

  15. That’s great news that Truffle’s ph levels are down. You must be relieved. I wish I’d purchased insurance in my crowd. I’m considering taking the tiny mayhem brigade to a different vet that has a maintenance plan. Kittens are costly at vet time.

  16. Now that my cats are both seniors, they go every 6 months as well for their wellness checkups too. I'm happy to hear that Truffle's levels are down and they are both doing well. With 4 pets in the house, I feel as if not a month goes by that we are not visiting our vet - and those visits sure add up!

  17. I'm glad that they both had such good check ups and that it wasn't too expensive! I'm sorry about your knee, I know how painful a torn meniscus is.

  18. So glad everyone is doing well! I think it is so important for cat owners and parents to regularly see the veterinarian, so many do not. On another note- I love the new look of your blog!

  19. We're so glad all os well and the 'pointments went well. Good health is a blessing. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  20. So happy to hear the vet visit went well. And kuddos to you for having insurance to help with all those expenses!!! The girls are so lucky to have such a good mom like you Paula!

  21. So relieved both girls are doing well now. It was a stressful summer. Like the sound of your vet and your insurance.

  22. So happy to hear their vet checkup went so well! That is always great news! Normal is very good! Love the pics (especially the one of those two beauties together)!

  23. I'm really glad the girls are doing so well, it's such a relief isn't it. You are very smart to have gotten pet insurance when they were young. A large, unexpected vet bill can be catastrophic for some folks.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  24. So glad you had good results after all that trouble. You are taking great care of your girls. Our mom sure wished we only weighed 7 and 8 lbs!

  25. I love the wellness plans. I wish our present vet offered them. Jasmine's vet does.

  26. We are insured I am glad to say, and I am glad Truffle and Brulee are so well cared for.

    Please everyone, follow Truffle and Brulee's advice and have wellness checks. Be well!!

  27. So glad to hear their wellness checkups revealed good health. Nice that they went together to keep the same smell. We take ours to the vet in twos, now times that by five times to total ten kitties. MOL.We also have Trupanion here and I'm thinking of going with them. Good to know you received 90% back!


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