Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Selfie

We're back!!!

Truffle and Brulee - March 10, 2019

We've been MIA that last several days! Everything is okay with us, but we can't say the same for Mom Paula...

Mom Paula's Health

February was a rough month for Mom Paula. She was recovering fine from her knee surgery and her health, in general, was improving daily. However, she had a major asthma attack the first of the month and still hasn't recovered. In addition, her left knee (surgery knee) began hurting and locking again. Two weeks ago, her right knee (non-surgery knee) began hurting and freezing/locking on her. The doctor gave her a shot in both knees, but the right knee became worse last week. She was sent for a MRI and will find out Tuesday if she has another torn meniscus. She's been in pain and can't sit too long in one position or her knee locks up and she has difficulty and pain straightening it out.

Professional Pet Sitters Week

Graphic - Zoolatry

This past week was Professional Pet Sitters Week and we wanted to write a special post because we had a new pet sitter and wanted to talk about what happened. Our new pet sitter, Denise, works for the pet sitting company we already use - DJ's Critter Care. Our regular sitter was unavailable this week and she suggested Denise. Denise came by for a visit a week ago for the interview with the girls. Truffle greeted Denise immediately and was allowing her to pet her and give her treats. Brulee was a little more hesitant, but she did stay in the room and didn't hide. Denise is a vet tech and has lived with Persian Cats in the past, so Mom Paula was quite relieved to hear this. We wrote a post about finding an appropriate pet sitter in December and encourage you to read Choosing a Pet Sitter for more information. The visits and care from Denise this week was very satisfying for both Mom Paula and us. Neither of us hid from her, we ate our wet food, we ate treats, we allowed Denise to pet us each day, and almost let her comb us (MOL!). Mom Paula was pleased because Denise sent several photos of us each day and let her know how we were doing. 

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Mom Paula captured the photo at the top of this post this afternoon when she got back home from being out of town for a few days. Both of us greeted her at the door and have hung around near her all afternoon. She loved she was able to capture both of us looking at her with the natural sunlight streaming through the front window.

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  1. Beautiful selfie. Your poor mom, good thing she has you 2 cuties to take care of her. I hope she feels better soon. XO

  2. Your poor human! I hope the doctors are able to fix up her knees. I'm sure your purr therapy will help the healing process.

  3. Oh my, that does not sound good at all. We do hope that they can fix whatever is stressing out those knees and get your mom back mobile again.
    A good cat sitter or assistant is essential, and it sounds like you have found a great helper in Denise.
    Healing purrs

  4. Poor Mom Paula, she can't win. Our Dad was out of town briefly too. You girls sure look pretty.

  5. Sending purrs to mom Paula about her knees. Having both go wonky is not good. Mum just has furiends come and take care of me, but they both have kitties of their own, so know all about felines.

  6. Oh, Miss Paula, Mom and I hope that your asthma has calmed down by now and that your knees aren't hurting you anymore. Grandma had surgeries on both her knees, the second knee last fall. Her one knee has been slower to heal.

    That Miss Denise sounds like a keeper! Purr purr purr.


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