Saturday, May 4, 2019

Star Wars Caturday Art

Today is Star Wars Day! Mom Paula remembers standing in line back in the 1970s to watch the very first Star Wars movie and she has seen every movie and plans to see the last one this December. We decided to create a Caturday Art photo that included both Truffle and Luke Skywalker.

Truffle and her Luke Skywalker action figure

We used the "floating" effect in LunaPic to design this graphic.

There is a story behind the Luke Skywalker action figure in our home. Mom Paula taught middle school mathematics for 17 years prior to becoming a college professor.  She was mentoring a new mathematics teacher back in the early 90s and they became close friends.  Mom Paula was always going to LuAnn's classroom to offer assistance.  One day, one of LuAnn's students asked her why Mom Paula kept coming to her classroom.  LuAnn explained that Mom Paula was giving her advice and assistance to help her become a great teacher.  The student replied, "Oh, like Yoda."  A couple of years later, Mom Paula turned 40 (while she was working on her Ph.D) and Grandma Faye had a surprise birthday party for her.  LuAnn came to the party and gave her the Luke Skywalker with Yoda action figure to honor all of the advice and mentoring from Mom Paula.  This figurine stays in our home office.

May the Fourth be with you!

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  1. That is a nice story behind the Luke Skywalker story. The art is pretty.

  2. I knew the force was strong in you! MOL! What beautiful art and a wonderful story.

  3. That was such a cool story!

  4. Cool Star Wars story! May the fourth be with you!

  5. That is a great story about Luke Skywalker. Beautiful art too. May the 4th Be with you! Be sure to visit to enter our Star Wars giveaway.XO


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