Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Selfie

Truffle pauses a moment from her Sunday afternoon nap for a selfie.
Truffle_May 2019

Mom Paula says she is staying indoors with us this weekend and the next few days because of the intense heat outside. It was 100 yesterday and predicted to get to 101-102 this week, breaking records from 100 years ago. We're inside with the AC and ceiling fans running.

You can see more Sunday Selfies at The Cat on My Head.


  1. What a lovely and gracious kitty you are. A worthy portrait for the selfies :-)

  2. That is such a pretty selfie!!!

  3. What a gorgeous selfie, Truffle! That’s much too hot for this time of year. Stay cool inside!

  4. So pretty, Truffle. Stay cool, and stay indoors, sweet pals!

  5. Oh heck that seems way too high! You all stay cool and safe. Global warming is not good and everyone needs to take care as well as nice selfies like yours, MOL

  6. Yes, please tell your human to stay inside and keep on the A/C! That is way too hot for all you girls!

  7. Beautiful selfie. Stay cool. XO

  8. What a wonderful selfie Truffle. We are having hot weather but not that hot, goodness. Dads friend got the air conditioners in so we are ready for summer


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