Sunday, June 2, 2019

Happy 8th Birthday Truffle

We can't believe it's been eight years since Truffle was born! Today, we are celebrating Truffle's 8th birthday!
Truffle, silver shaded persian, celebrates 8th birthday
Happy Birthday Truffle - June 2, 2019

I remember receiving the email from Terri that the kittens were born to Chloe on June 2, 2011.

It had been a rough two months for me since I'd lost Sweet Praline to cancer in April that year. I knew I wanted more Persian kittens and had decided to get two this time because I was traveling so much with my job and the kittens (cats) could keep each other company.
Chloe with Truffle and Beignet - June 2, 2011
photo courtesy Terri Rogers
I remember being both anxious and excited about this announcement. Photo and videos soon followed the email announcement from Terri and I waited each day for more photos and videos of Truffle and Beignet. She didn't disappoint! I'd receive photos, videos, and stories of the kittens each day! I didn't know which kittens I was going to get at the time, but I had 1st and 3rd choice of the litters. Another one of Terri's cats, Zoey, was expected to deliver a litter of kittens within a couple of weeks. Everyone kept telling me to get the brother and sister from Chloe because they were they only two kittens in the litter and they would be bonded for life. I didn't have to make a decision until they were six weeks of age and I was able to go down to visit.

Truffle - June 2, 2011
Photo courtesy Terri Rogers
There was something about Truffle from the beginning that reached out to me. I felt as though her eyes could see into my soul. She was also very mischievous in the photos and videos I'd receive from Terri. She appeared to enjoy playing, even when all of the other kittens were sleeping. Terri began sending me "glamour" photos of the kittens in Week 3. When I got the photo of Truffle with her princess tiara, I knew she would be the kitten to come home with me. I still hadn't decided about her brother because I'd made up my mind I wanted two females. It's wasn't until I visited when they were 7 weeks of age that I decided to get the two litter mates and had named them Truffle and Beignet.
Truffle - June 2011 - Three weeks old
Photo courtesy Terri Rogers
The videos I'd receive from Terri made me laugh out loud because Truffle was so playful. I should have known this was a precursor to the trouble Truffle would get into once she came to live with me. She still instigates problems with Brulee, but she loves to play. The video below (low quality image) is of Truffle at 5 weeks old playing with her half siblings from Zoey's litter. Truffle is the one one on the floor "attacking" the other kitten. Just look at that personality.

As many of you've read from my past posts, Truffle and Beignet did select me when I went down to visit when they were about 8 weeks of age. Unfortunately, I was unable to bring Beignet home with me in September with Truffle because he died from a sarcoma he developed from his first vaccination. Beignet will always be my special little man-cat and I know Sweet Praline is taking care of him at the bridge. 
Mom Paula and Truffle - June 2, 2019
Truffle came to live with me in September 2011 and she has been a joy and challenge. I love her dearly and Coryelle Kramer (animal communicator) says Truffle views me as her property. Truffle has that sixth sense when there are problems and knows when I need support.

I want to tell you a situation that occurred yesterday with Truffle that shows what a unique cat she is for me. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in December and am now sleeping with a CPAP machine. I fell asleep in the chair watching TV yesterday afternoon and wasn't wearing my CPAP machine. I woke up to Truffle climbing up on my chest and resting her face right in front of my face. When I woke up, she settled in. I believe she recognized that I had a moment of not breathing while sleeping and she was determined to wake me up. What a special cat! I hope I have many more years with Truffle in my life.

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  1. Happy Birthday Truffle. You keep track of your momma

  2. What a special cat - Happy Birthday Truffle! May you have many more to come you amazing girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Truffle ! We wish you a wonderful day filled with treats and cuddles ! Purrs

  4. ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Truffle,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

  5. Happy Birthday Truffle!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Happy Purrthay Sweet Truffle - and many more. We are sure your brofur Beignet is right there with you to celebrate.

  7. Happy Birthday to beautiful Truffle!

  8. Happy Birthday beautiful Truffle! XO

  9. Happy 8th Birthday Truffles!
    Hard to believe it has been 8 years!!!
    Here's to many more too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  10. Happy Purrthday Miss Truffle. Hope you have many more.

  11. Happy Birthday Truffles. I hope you got some sweets? that was such an adorable kitten picture of you. And I can't believe how tiny you were in the beginning! I nursed a little kitten that age to adulthood who'd lost his mom and seeing you so little reminded me of that. That was really neat about how you sensed when your assistance was needed by your human!

  12. Happy Birthday beautiful Truffle, you are such a special girl!

  13. She was such a cute kitten. Happy Birthday to Truffle.

  14. Happy birthday, sweet and beautiful Truffle!

  15. Happy birthday, Truffle! You are indeed a special girl.

  16. Happy Birthday greetings doesn't really seem to be enough for such a beautiful and special lady, but I know she will have a wonderful day with the person she loves most in the world.
    Lots of birthday purrs

  17. Happy Birthday to your dear, sweet, loving, and intelligent Truffle from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang!

  18. my apologies for unknowingly using your photo without permission- the web site I found it on stated that these images were ok to use. I have removed your image.

    1. I'm not sure which photo you used, but I appreciate you letting me know this. If possible, please provide a link of the website where you found the photo.

  19. Happy Birthday Truffle and what a lovely story. (Sorry we are late! We lost internet for a lot of the weekend! AAGGHHH!!!)

    Happy Sunday and Selfies * hugs *

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  20. We are so sorry for this late Happy Birthday to you, Truffle! You do keep a great watchful eye on Mom Paula!

  21. Happy birthday, Truffle! Thank you for taking care of Mom Paula.

  22. Belated Birthday wishes to the Tiara Queen - Truffle! I hope you got many extra special luvs on your day. You are an amazing kitty! Luv you!

  23. Only a year late ... geez. I find it fascinating that silver shading appears in kittens so darkly!


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