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National Pralines Day

We know National Pralines Day is meant to honor a confection made from nuts (whether in whole pieces or ground) and sugar syrup. Pralines may also refer to any chocolate cookie containing the ground powder of nuts. Mom Paula's love of this delicious confection is the reason her first Persian cat was named Praline.
Miss Paula's Sweet Praline (RIP) - 2011

Today is also Cat World Domination Day, so we chose to step aside today and let Mom Paula talk about the "kitty-before-us" who started it all, Miss Paula's Sweet Praline, aka, Sweet Praline.
We know many of our readers know the stories about Sweet Praline, but there are a few of you who may be new to the sweet girl who started it all. If you'd like to read how Sweet Praline came to live with Mom Paula, her Gotcha Day story is here. Praline's original name was Flower Face or that is what the owner called her. As all of the paperwork was being finalized, Mom Paula looked into her little face and said, I know what her name is! And the word Praline came out of her mouth. Mom Paula had recently discovered the joys of the sweet and delicious pralines from New Orleans. If you've never had any, you don't know what you are missing! Some of you may have received a praline at BlogPaws as part of our PR bags. There are several types of pralines available, but Mom Paula is in love with the American-cream based pralines. French settlers brought the praline recipe to Louisiana because sugar cane and pecan trees were plentiful in the area.  The chefs in New Orleans substituted pecans for almonds and added cream to thicken the tasty confection.  Praline's daddy cat was a red Persian and her mommy cat was a seal-point Himalayan. Praline had a mixture of the creamy colors of her mommy kitty and the beautiful red of her daddy kitty. She was such a sweet little girl that first time they met and her coloring reminded Mom Paula of pralines, so that became her name from day 1. Praline ended up being registered as a Tortoiseshell Persian. Praline's registered name was Miss Paula's Sweet Praline.

To help honor and remember Sweet Praline, we decided to go back to a blog post from April 5, 2010, where Praline had her horoscope done by Miss Karen from The Monkeys. We're going to repeat that post here with some commentary from Mom Paula. We hope you enjoy our walk down memory lane.

The Feline Report for Sweet Praline

September 25, 1995; 12:00 pm (precise time of birth not known)

Sweet Praline in December 1995

There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water, air and fire. If Sweet Praline has four or more planets in one of these elements she is considered to have more than average. Applying a weight or number to these planets, we can determine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by being overweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planets on the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining the makeup of a chart.

Element Emphasis

Air Sign Emphasis: (Score of 2,2,6,10)

Sweet Praline is one of the most inquisitive animals you've ever known. This can get her into trouble when she finds herself in a predicament. That's all right because Sweet Praline can let you know when she needs you. Talkative and knowing the exact tone to get your attention, Sweet Praline is never short on "meow's." She sings for her supper, and does tricks too. Sweet Praline will display some unusual talent when stalking prey. She makes a game out of everything and looks forward to the special time she can spend with you. Fetching little balls of paper can be a game Sweet Praline learns to love. A lover of catnip and feathers. Keep numerous high perches for Sweet Praline to leap from. Retrieving objects can be a favorite pastime.
Sweet Praline was a talking and wanted what she wanted when she wanted it!

Mom Paula - It's been a long time since I've heard Sweet Praline's meow, but oh, how I missed it when she was gone. I do remember that every time I would talk on the phone to someone, Praline appeared out of nowhere and would turn on her purr engine and purred so loudly that the person on the other end could hear her. Praline preferred everyday items for play instead of "cat toys." I remember her carrying a shoe string around the house when she was a kitten and she continued to love them late in adulthood. She loved paper and my pens/pencils. It was very difficult to grade students' papers when I was a college professor because she insisted on sitting on top of the paper and playing with it. She even tore up one of my student's papers when I was grading it!


The Sun is Sweet Praline's source of energy and vitality. Its placement in her chart indicates Sweet Praline's true identity, which may or may not always be apparent. Just watch the facade that appears when Sweet Praline is placed in the position of meeting newcomers. The side that she shows to others may be very different from the one you saw a few minutes ago when you were all alone with her. And that's only after Sweet Praline trusts you enough to show it. The basic needs and patterns in Sweet Praline's life are strongly influenced by the sign and placement of the Sun. This is where Sweet Praline puts her best paw forward. This is what Sweet Praline is really like when all barriers and inhibitions are removed. She gets recognition here sometimes, making a visible difference in your world, too. You will always remember Sweet Praline by the characteristics displayed by the Sun even if it's just a quirk or habit. Sometimes it is beneficial in naming your new kitten to use your keen observation to help you find a suitable title to call her by. Try to determine what it is that makes her stand out from the rest by discovering the Sun sign individuality of your cat.

Sweet Praline always enjoyed her sun puddles
Mom Paula: Sweet Praline was a unique judge of character. She could be a charmer when people would visit, but if she didn't like the smell of someone when they walked into the house, she would have nothing to do with them, no matter how many times they came to visit. As a kitten, she never liked my landlord in the apartment complex I lived in while working on my Ph.D. I could never figure out why because he was always nice and helpful. I later realized she didn't like people who smoked because she always avoided anyone who visited me who smoked. I remember well when she disliked a colleague of mine when I was working at my first university as a college professor. Annie was a friend (or so I thought) and she was involved in rescue and owned three cats. Annie loved cats, but Praline would have nothing to do with her. I tried my best to get Praline to be comfortable with Annie, but she would have nothing of it. A year later, Annie did something terrible to me (without provocation) that hurt me emotionally. I tired to work things out, but for some reason Annie decided I wasn't her friend anymore. I guess Praline sensed that darkness in Annie. 

However, when it came to children, Praline could be very patient. I've told the story of Praline meeting Cody (a friend's child with Down's Syndrome). Praline was older at the time and had become a little hesitant with meeting new people, especially children. I was amazed when Cody sat down and Praline came up to him and let him pet her and then she kissed his hand.

Sun in Libra:

If you're not there to provide companionship 24 hours a day for Sweet Praline, you must provide her with her own partner. Make sure you and your current partner are also getting along - Sweet Praline doesn't tolerate arguments well and may cower in the corner unless given her own say. Any show of indifference is sure to make her act out in some way to get your attention. It could be accidental clumsiness causing your best vase to fall, or worse. Sweet Praline just wants everyone to relate well or she may decide to use your personal property as a litter box. She is submissive only to for the sake of peace. Friendly with all and ready to converse on your level, Sweet Praline takes the time to caress you and give you a friendly purr. "Pet me and look into my eyes so you can understand more," she seems to say. Sweet Praline finds it difficult that you're sometimes unable to understand her. Sweet Praline feels that you should spend more time conversing with her. Equal time is all she wants.

Praline began looking into Mom Paula's eyes and purred from the beginning

Mom Paula: I was going through a divorce when Praline came to live with me. I never had anyone live with me the 16 years Praline was with me, so I don't know how she would have reacted had someone else lived in the house. I began talking with her more the last few years she was alive. I guess I never thought she would understand what I was trying to say. Praline was never a "lap cat" but if I was ill or recovering from a major foot surgery (that required 2 months in a wheel chair), she would climb into my lap and stay there. Once I was feeling better, she was back to resting on the foot rest of my recliner. I wish I had conversed with her more frequently. Our most powerful conversation was the weekend before she left for the Bridge. I sat down, facing her at eye level, and poured my heart out to her. I told her that I'd appreciated all she had given me over the 15+ years and that I would be okay if she was ready to leave. I told her that if she could hold on for the weekend that I would take her to the vet on that Monday and help her peacefully pass from this Earth. Praline sat there looking at me the entire time and not saying a thing. She just looked into my soul with those beautiful eyes. After I finished talking, she looked away and went to rest. I've since learned to chat with Truffle and Brulee every single day!

Sun Sextile Pluto:

You strive for equal space when living with this powerful animal. Sweet Praline allows you to think you're the boss when she knows she is. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that Sweet Praline runs the house. She tells you when to get up, when to feed her, and when to go to bed. You work well within the framework of your routine. Before long you will be trained and fully wrapped around Sweet Praline's paw. Keep up the good work.
Sweet Praline with her stuffed animal

Mom Paula: Praline was known as the Diva Kitty of the Cat Blogosphere. She had the Persian attitude "down pat" and could get anything she wanted from me. She was my soul kitty and I would do anything for her. I remember searching all over the Internet to find her favorite treats (Topini treat) when they were getting discontinued. Praline was the first kitty to train me to have treats located throughout the house. I thought I was being the smart one when I took a bag of her treats to my office so I could find her when I wanted. However, she was quick to let me know when I'd get home that it was time for her Topini treats by sitting outside of my office doorway until I came back there and gave her some treats!

I loved it when Praline would look at me upside down.

Praline was a special cat in my life and I'll always treasure the time I had with her. She was a spoiled Diva who brought joy, calmness, healing, and pain to my life. I still remember the day the veterinarian diagnosed her with cancer and told me she had 6 months to a year left and she died one month later. I used to receive visits from Praline after she left for the Bridge - a soft touch of fur against my legs when I was at the computer, a bounce on the bed at night when I was going to sleep, and once she appeared to me for a few seconds. Coryelle Kramer (animal communicator) told me that Praline still visits and communicates through Truffle and Brulee. I hadn't sensed Praline's visits until this past year when Truffle was so sick. I was trying to go to sleep one night and heard the familiar bounce on the bed. I looked up expecting to see Truffle or Brulee and neither were there. I remembered what Coryelle told me and I said, "Good evening Praline. It's so nice of you to visit me tonight." I truly believe she wanted me to know she was there to watch over me while Truffle was recuperating.

All of these memories caused me to look at old photos and videos of Praline last night. I thought I'd share a photo of Praline where she was being a nurse to me after a foot surgery.

So, if you ever have a chance to taste a delicious praline candy, we hope you will pause a moment to remember our Sweet Praline.

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  1. Pralines are tasty and Sweet Praline wiz such a gorgeous kitty - luv seeing photos of her.

  2. My human remembers Praline. She was very, very special.

  3. We remember sweet Praline. What a beauty she was.

  4. Awww, such bittersweet memories. ♥

  5. We always remember Sweet Praline and think that she has taught Truffle and Brulee many things about being diva kitties!

  6. Praline was a beautiful girl. XO

  7. OMC! Sweet, sweetest Praline was the most adorable kitten EVER! Mom doesn't remember seeing a kitten photo of her and we all came running when we hear her squeee! What a beautiful post!

  8. Praline was such a beautiful girl! We wish we could have our charts done, too. But our mom doesn't know when we were born.

  9. We never will forget your Sweet Praline. She was such a special gal and a real beauty too.

  10. I never got to know Sweet Praline, but she was very precious. I love that you had that heartwarming conversation with her before she went to the Bridge. I've had similar conversations with my kitties.

  11. Some wonderful sweet memories of Praline. What a beautiful one. Also Happy Cat World Domination Day!!! We hope you have a great day of celebrating. Thanks for the sharing the great video of Praline being a nurse.
    World of Animals

  12. Oh my cat, I needed tissues, something got caught in my eye! What a wonderful post. I was not not blogging at that time but I've heard you speaking about Praline face to face as well as past posts. And my first BlogPaws in 2016, I remember you handing out those delicious pralines. Throughout this post there was so much sweetness that now I want pralines! MOL.
    I just love all the photos, she was gorgeous!

  13. We loved Ms. Praline and miss her! Goma was my first big kitty crush, then Praline and Ginger Jasper. All gone, sadly.

  14. Another Praline kitten picture! Wow. This post is phenomenal. Praline sounds a lot like Bear in that some cats are just ... forces of nature - each in their own way.


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